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    Dec 2003
    what was your wedding souvenir giveaways? i need some ideas kc para di ako kulitin ni commander hehe

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    Oct 2004
    tagal na kc yung sa amin: some kind of ceramic (yun uso noon hehehe)

    yung mga na-attend-an ko:
    bottle of red wine (bongga!)
    mini cake (fondant)
    lalagyan na mga candles
    bottle of lambanog (in native packaging)
    picture frame
    and of course, audio cd's.

    hth and good luck tol!

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    Oct 2002
    Kami, 2 woodblocked cars chained together, one blue, one red, each handwritten with gold/silver paint pen with our names...

    Uso ngayon CD/DVD but honestly, baduy hehe.

    Friend ko naman nung kinasal, they arranged a studio-type setup sa reception, and all the guests are required for the pictorial. During the actual reception, the photo crew places those photographs onto a picture frame with a photo border of compiled pics of the wed couple. Galing, and usable pa. Up to now we're still using that photo sa house and andun din yung friend ko and his wife.

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    Oct 2002
    maliit na rosaryo lang from cebu...10 petot lang isa
    may napuntahan ako di na nagbigay ng wedding souvenir sa mga guests except for the members of the entourage at sponsors...

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    May 2005
    kami .. pamaypay .. wala kasi aircon sa church .. so inunana na namin yung giveaway na pamaypay ...

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    Oct 2004
    madami kasi pwedeng maging souvenir eh..depende talaga kung ano gusto nyo at kung magkano budget..nakatingin ako sa wedding library sa megamall ang daming choices..pinakacheap is P20 parang candle lang tapos P95 yung pinakamahal-pillow na picture frame na may pic ng couple...

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    Dec 2003
    well budget would be 100-200 for sponsors n entourage, below 100 for guests. at least i have a few ideas na, mas marami pa sana para print ko to pakita kay commander hehe

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    Oct 2002
    What we had that day....

    Gerber multiplier tool to whoever’s b-day we picked that day.

    Astronomical Telescope for the kid who won a parlor game

    Silver bracelet to female entourage (their initials engraved)

    Black Zippo for male entourage (date and wedding role engraved)

    Desk clock to primary sponsors

    Carabiner for regular guests

    No audio CDs for us, its overplayed. Lahat ng pinupuntahan naming wedding may CDs tapos pare-pareho pa ang songs :bwahaha:

    HTH kapatid and goodluck...CONGRATS din pala!!!

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    Sep 2003
    liman manufactured glass figurines pede ka rin pasadya marami silang design.
    nasa new york street cubao sila.

    Wedding, dedications and birthdays doon ako umoorder ng mga give aways sa kanila cute ang mga designs. Ang alam ko pede ka rin pasadya

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    Aug 2003
    I like Kardings souvenier items They're pretty cool!

    Well, I had justice of peace for my wedding... so I didnt have anything like that.... but I remembered for my sisters wedding, she gave away soap. They bought everything separately and they did their own wrapping and putting bows and whatnot. It saved them a few bucks. Its only worth it when you have spare time to do things like that.

    Anyway, here's my classmates family business website: click under invitations
    they have a few souvenier items that might give you an idea...

    hope it helps... good luck!
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