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    Aug 2003
    Last weekend, nag C.R. kami ng misis ko in one of the ayala malls. Paglabas niya, kwento niya na may isang bading na lalake nandoon din sa girls rest room, putting on lipstick. I asked her baka naman maton lang yan. Hindi daw, lalake yun- bading.

    Question: which public restroom should the third *** use? Gays should use the boys, or the girls? I think lesbians would really use the girls bathroom. Never witnessed a lesbian enter the boys rest room. On very rare occasions, have seen gays go in the boys restroom. But gays going into the girl's restroom?

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    May 2006
    sa panlalake pa rin dapat. maraming magkukunwaring bading pag hinayaang pumasok sila sa CR ng mga babae

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    Dec 2007
    There's no such thing as a "third ***" kasi. Dalawa lang ang ***es, male and female. The only determinant of your *** is what lies between your legs. (Kung sinipa ka sa singit at masakit, aba male ka. Dyok.)

    Isama mo na rin ang mga chromosomes mo. Kung XX, babae, kung XY, lalaki. May congenital chromosomal defect din kung saan nagiging "XYX" or "XXY" ang chromosomes ng tao, pero madalang yan.

    Ang mga lesbians, gays, bi***uals and transgenders, "GENDER" ang tawag dyan. But all of them are categorized according to just two ***es, male and female.

    So to answer the question: gay men should use the male toilets. Lesbians should use the female toilets. Sorry macho men, the drag queens have to share the bathroom with you.


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    May 2006
    If the guy, dressed like a girl, and looked like a girl, then ladies' washroom.

    Rule of thumb here, is that he must not get the attention of the others, making them uncomfortable with his presence.

    Obviously, yun bading...hindi mukhang babae. Napansin ng mga ibang babae kasama niya sa CR. If he's like some of the extreme-gays I see in Thailand, I wouldn't be comfortable see him in the men's washroom either.

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    Oct 2002
    If something dangles, go to the men's room...

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    Jan 2006
    Mmm. I remember my wife asking this very question. I said if there's junk jiggling between the legs, then it's the Men's Room.

    If it's a set of pink curtains, then it's the Women's Room.

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    Jan 2007
    common sense lang naman yan e.kahit san lupalop mapunta yang mga so called 3rd *** nayan don padin sila sa natural gender nila.kung bakla ka don ka sa mens room kung lesbian ka don sa ladies room.not unless converted kana which is hard to identify na kung tunay kaba o don kana sa from he to she then don ka na sa pang she and vise versa.lokohin monalang sarili mo non
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    Aug 2004
    Who cares?

    When we spent a week in Taiwan, whenever we had to go jingle, the girls in our group would giggle as they walked behind our backs to the stalls. It was discomfitting... until we learned to turn around and wink at them as we were hosing down the fire... so to speak. :hysterical:

    Coed bathrooms are so the future.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Nov 2005
    there are only 2 comfort rooms MALE OR FEMALE
    if they notice that there are some "intruders" sabunutan nila
    same thing with us "take cover"

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    Oct 2002
    Hehe first time I went into a coed CR in a club sa US, I was like... "uhmm... ok..." a long line padin mga ladies while the men checks out the babes while peeing heheheh.

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3rd ***: what public bathroom should they enter?