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    Oct 2002
    [ame=""]YouTube- Toyota Engine Oil Sludge: Another Dangerous Defect?[/ame]

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    Jul 2009
    Just seen this on a Toyota Altis Valve cover and the camshaft . Just thinking before its an owner neglect to change oil and proper maintanance on the engine.

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    Jan 2009
    The problem of black death or sludge in Toyota engines is the early occurrence of this phenomena. This is actually a normal event for all engine oil (thus imperative to change oil on a regular basis). The difference is that instead of 3,000 miles or 5,000 kilometers or 3 months period with mineral oil this occurs far earlier. In some cases less than 30 days.

    I doubt anyone wants to change oil every 30 days just to keep these cars.

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    Feb 2010
    Oil sludge or black sludge is motor oil gelling or solidifying inside the engine. It is usually caused by the presence of water in the oil, and can accumulate with use.

    The oil sludge problem reached epidemic proportions starting in 1997, with the following cars greatly affected:

    Audi - 1997-2004
    Chrysler - 1998-2002
    Dodge - 1998-2002
    Hyundai - 1998-2004
    Lexus - 1997-2003
    Toyota - 1997-2003
    SAAB - 1999-2003
    Volkswagen - 1997-2004

    also found in the net are tips in avoiding this problem-

    Ways to minimize sludge production and accumulation:

    -use synthetic oil. branded, full synthetic.
    -perform frequent oil changes. ideal is every 3,000 miles.
    -use high-quality oil filter
    -replace the PCV valve (if equipped) every 30,000 miles

    What makes synthetic oil superior to conventional oil in preventing sludge?

    -resistance to oxidation and thermal breakdown (oil sludging)
    -synthetics remain stable at high temperatures (conventional oils break down faster at today's higher engine temps)
    -synthetics remain fluid at very low temperatures (conventional oils thicken)
    -additive packages are formulated with special chemicals for top cleaning and anti-oxidant protection
    -measurably better low and high temperature viscosity performance
    -better chemical & shear stability
    -decreased evaporative loss
    -improved fuel economy in certain engine configurations.
    -better lubrication on cold starts
    -longer engine life

    hope this helps

    my new ride is an altis gen10, now kung ma sludge ako even by using synthetic oil and having oil change at every 3000 miles, ay isusumpa ko ang Toyota... (just kidding)

    my case ako na bumibili nang synthetic oil sa tindahan, then pa service kuna lang sa suki ko na auto shop. that way nakikita ko nang malapitan un mechanic servicing my car, if he is doing a good job the way i expect it. hirap kase sa Toyota service center hindi mo sila nakikita ginagawa nila un auto mo...

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    Dec 2005

    Iyong isa naming dating ka-opisina na may Toyota Echo,- naging problema ito, about a couple of years ago...


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    Oct 2002
    One of our corollas had this issue before. Kawawa yung engine parang imburnal. Speedyfix did the cleaning but we eventually sold it to avoid future problems.

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    Aug 2005
    our 2002 3ZZFE has the same problem:

    it was casa maintaing by the first owner. starting from the 10,000 Km pms, used fully synthetic oil. pms schedule was followed. We got it last 2007 with almost 80,000Km on the Odometer. I used RP and had the oil changed at every 10,000Km.

    With my wife traveling at SLEX at around 100 kph the engine stopped, good thing she was able to coast from the overtaking lane to the shoulder. Now the engine is at a machine shop for repair. BTW, the odo now is at around 120,000 km

    Ang advise sa aking ng mga mechaniko na nakausap ko. do not use synthetic oils, use quality mineral oils (from any of the big three) and change the oil before 5,000km. Sabi nila ang may sala ay ang synthetic oil. Do not use oils daw with teflon.

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    Oct 2003
    could you please tell us what oil have you used on your engine? interval?

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    Aug 2005
    Quote Originally Posted by wakin View Post
    could you please tell us what oil have you used on your engine? interval?
    casa fully synthetic oil simula ng 10,000km pms. nasunod naman ng first owner ang shedule. ng ako na, RP ang gamit, palit every 10,000 km. wala lang ngang palit ng oil filter after 5,000 km after ng change oil.

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    Oct 2002
    you didn't replace the oil filter during your oil change ? thats a big no no...

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YOUTUBE VIDEO: "Toyota Engine Oil Sludge: Another Dangerous Defect?"