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    Jul 2004
    I have an assembled vehicle with a toytota 3k engine. my problem is the engine keeps dying down whenever it encounters
    rought and bumpy roads; it seems to lost its idling?...what could be the problem? Its seems a very minor problem and i want to be able to troubleshoot it myself.:confused:

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    Jun 2004
    Tune up/

    some factor:
    clogged carburator
    f*ulty/dirty/gap sparkplug
    gap/corroded contact pt.
    corroded battery
    ineffective alternator
    overheating/clogged radiator
    overheat ignitioncoil

    there are lot of factor that causes problem still u can diy it ur self..

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    May 2004
    My Toyota starlet former engine is 3k yang problem na yan ay sa carburator. Bili ka ng carburator cleaner spray mo while reving. Or kung marunong ka mag Choke using your hands mas maganda then spraying. Pag ganon pa din pumunta ka sa Kamuning Road maraming Carburator Expert doon sunod sunod sa daan. Pa oversize mo na din yung Jet for extra power di naman lalakas sa gas ng husto. :-)

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    Jul 2004
    thanks guy for considering helping me. most of the factors you mentioned where quite familiar to me except the "overheating ignition coil" can you elaborate on this? what causes it? and if it is remidiable by myself?...... I alway bring my vehicle to a mechanic and he alway manage to fix the problem but it re-occurs after only a couple of use or if i run the vehicle roughtly on rought road. The mecanic wont allow me to watch how he fixe's it; he just tell me to comeback after several hours....I just hoping to avoid unnecesary trip to the shop.....thanks again.

    PS: I might try the carburator cleaner first were can i buy it, and wat is the brand :-)

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    Jun 2004
    Their are two type of carb cleaner, spray type direct on carb and fill on tank * any DIY hardware shops..

    overheating on ignition coil occur on improper ignition timing the, effect is super hard starting during long trip or harddrrive due to intense heat build up on coil, that will result on resistance on voltage..

    quick remidy when this occur is place basang basahan on ignition assembly para lumamig..then try to start..>>hehe

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    Jun 2004
    relative to those prob din pala ehh vapour lock especially on hot climate+harddriving pa where fuel on float chamber inside carb completely veporized..result is engine completely stop while operation..or hardstarting during harddrive...sana maayus na prob ng car mo by ur self, to save labor cost..>>
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