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    Oct 2002
    uy similar ito sa prblem ko noon. i was considering a swap to 4EFTE pero decided wag na lang. i'll stick to my 1.3 2E blacktop for city driving and hopefully my wife and I can buy the bigger car that we want

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    Oct 2002
    It wouldn't be practical...I also think that it would better for you to sell your car instead and buy a better car.

    Unfortunately, even if you sell your car and add P40K dun, you still can't afford a decent 2.0 turbo charged car...

    Siguro mas practical na dagdagan mo ang budget mo.

    Trying to think of upgrading your stock 1.3L engine with modern day engines with higher displacement and better tranny to match and even perhaps adding a turbo kit will do you good on the power...pero the question ay will your car STOP when you want it to stop. Probably not (on time to hit another car/individual/wall), so you'll have to upgrade your brakes system. Most likely, dahil powerfull na yung oto mo, the suspension will have to be upgraded din kasi how else will you enjoy your powerfull engine with good stopping power pero nag-roroll naman siya when you turn or wiggle around the traffic, kasi the suspension is weak.

    Eventually, if you upgrade the suspension, malamang magtwist or mapunit naman ang body dahil sa lakas ng engine, quick turns and quick stops that it can you'll have to strengthen the body (stitch weld and braces or additional brackets will be needed).

    Dahil ni welding mo body, pinalitan mo makina and suspension...siyempre ang body have to be re-painted...

    Damn ang dami 'no?!? Ang gastos and ang busisi gawin....

    Bumiili ka na lang ng bagong oto para iwas abala at mas safe pa - baka makamura ka rin.

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    Nov 2003
    kulang budget mo...

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    Sep 2005
    Matanong ko lang, why do you need "speed"? The fact that your ride is a Honda EG Hatch makes it a very efficient ride to and from wherever. I just don't get the point of you changing the engine of the car, especially with a very limited budget.

    Like what Boeing and AY said, sell the EG Hatch and get a car with a bigger engine displacement if you really want the extra *umph* on the car.

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by joseph_abri View Post
    94 honda civic hb 1300cc po.. im thinking of buying another car din, just want to upgrade sana ito para bumilis, pero maliit ung kotse kaya ba bigger engine dito, salamat, kaya na ba 40k budget?
    although not a 1.8L or 2.0L, I suggest a D15B. I think your 40K is tama lang for a D15B swap.

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    Jul 2006
    magastos lang talaga pagpalit ng mas malakas na engine.
    saken ok na 1.6 medyo magastos pa nga sa gasolina eh
    hirap kapag city driving luge ka sa gas hehe lalo na pag trapik

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    palit na ng charade na may 4efte!

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    Oct 2002
    gawin mo 50-60k budget mo, swak na siguro jan yung d15b vtec sohc.

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    Nov 2006
    Bro, money money money... pera pera lang yan! kulang 40k... madami "hidden costs" engine swap ha... madami papalitan, for example my friend had this sentra project, 100k+ na gastos nya for swapping his ECCS engine 1.6 GA16DE to a SE-R engine 2.0 SR20DE.. kala nya ganun ganun lang.. soon, he changed suspension for handling purposes (mas heavy na kc engine), compute box, harness wirings, drive train, etc... although yung iba pwedeng di palitan o pwedeng surplus ang kunin pro di lalabas yung true performance ng SE-R powerpalnt kung titipirin mo e.. same thing yan sa civic hatch back!If u want... nitrous oxide na lang! around 50 gran sudden 50-60hp agad! Around 8 shots nga lang, pro refillable.. he he he.. sarap.. nuff said!

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    Sep 2006
    nitrous is like a one night stand.

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