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    Sep 2011

    I recently got my ride and im having trouble cheking my fuel consumption. Nagpa fulltank ako (pinasagad ko sa gas boy) but the gauge showed up to 3/4 only. Anyway I then drove for 40kms and had the car filled again. This time nakapag karga pa ulet ng 17lts more!! Pumalo na sa full yung fuel gauge. The rate of 17 lts for 40kms is outrageous. Di ko alam kung me kotseng kumakain ng 3kms per liter o me mali dun sa unang gas station ( baka di naman talaga napuno). At any rate, whats the worst fuel consumption ba for my model? Thanks

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    Jan 2011
    we have the same car, mine is 98 ex saloon a/t. these cars are known to be gas-guzzlers!! tried this for so many times, around 8km/l at 80kph cruising speed in slex. pag stop and go, maybe around 5-6km/l. honestly, the only good thing about his car is the chilling aircon and smooth shifting. mabilis kung sa mabilis. people are saying, parang SUV ang consumption nito..

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    Apr 2009
    i used to have the same engine displacement (1.4) in my sentra. unfortunately, malakas talaga sya sa gas. usually nag aaverage sya ng 6 to 8 k/l. mixed na yun. pero in your case kung 3 to 4 lang something must be wrong? pa check mo carb mo.

Nissan sentra 93 1.4 ex saloon