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    May 2009
    Hello to all,

    Any info on where can i get the rebuild kit and how much would it cost? wala dito sa probinsya per my search from the net, the kit includes journal bearing, 0-rings, copper washers, snap rings, etc.

    The turbo doesn't whistle anymore at the rpm range that i usually hear it before. plus it leaks oil at the compressor side. and acceleration is a bit slower than before....


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    Apr 2006
    same problem! may nakuhanan k n b ng repair kit ng tdo4?

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    Dec 2009
    sir, i doubt if repair kit will solve the problem. i have been in your position before. my everest broke. turbo was spilling oil. i used a repair kit and it really did not last. turbo bearings and shafts are very precise!!!! they spin at an astounding 60,000 plus RPm any misalignment and error in installation will destroy the turbo. mine leaked after only a few days. instead i recommend that you buy the cartridge itself. buy the whole cartridge together with the shafting. so it will be 101% aligned and correct. i know a shop who sells almost all kind of turbo cartridges. they have good service and will explain most of the things to you.

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    May 2009
    ^where's the shop boss?

Mitsubishi TD04 Air-cooled Turbo Rebuild Kit