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    Nov 2003
    guys, are there any of you using havoline energy (5w-30) on a 100k plus engine? heard its a bit thin and prone to gasket leaks. but i really like the smoothness of the engine and fuel economy this oil offers. thanks!

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    Oct 2002
    I've been using it during my last 3 oilchanges starting from 50,000 km to 60,000km. But on my last oil change (65,000 km), I shifted to Mobil 1 Super-syn 5w-50 fully synthetic. I must say that my engine runs even better.

    It's P21xx at True Value for the 4liter jug. Less 10% pa.

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    Aug 2003
    kenz, i use that same oil, but i don't know how much na mileage ng engine ko coz i bought it surplus.

    if u need the benefit of the oil, the only thing to do is try it out. if it leaks out, solve the leaks (attack the real problem cause), and not the workaround of just using thicker viscosity oils.

    as for me, it only leaked thru the valve cover, i think i just need to replace the valve cover gasket to solve the leak, but i'm still looking for the gasket for the meantime.

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    Oct 2002
    i've been using caltex energy on my 7 year old mazda for a few years now (since i was introduced to chieffy). no leaks so far and my mileage did improve a bit. for my last oil change, i used their recently introduced energy synthetic with a rating of SL (at the same price).

    right now, it has been 7500 km / 1 year since my last change oil but the oil doesn't thicken up that much - unlike with regular mineral oil.

Havoline energy for older engines