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    Aug 2006
    Hello everyone, its been 6 months na ata since i last post here..

    well eto po problem ko..ride is 95 honda esi with D15 manual

    everytime i use the car from cold start..then i run past 60 to 70 kph, umiilaw yung check engine but no change sa takbo and idle niya..

    kakairita yung ilaw, so what i did is pag umilaw siya..pag full stop i turn the engine off then turn it back on again then wala na siya kahit past 60, 70 pataas, as in wala na..

    pero pag hinde ko naman lagpas sa 60 to 70kph yung takbo ko from cold start hinde naman iilaw yung check engine..

    ano kaya problem nito? may naka experience na kaya nito?

    duda ko speed sensor ang problem me out mga amigo's ang amiga's

    kakairita kasi yung ilaw sa check engine eh..

    thanks for reading..

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    May 2007
    Your car is 1995 so the CEL will turn off when you shut the car down but the trouble code may be still in the memory. To be sure, have check the code.The code reading procedure is a Little bit different depend on what engine/transmission combination you have so your best bet is bring to honda to read the code.

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    Mar 2006
    pwedeng retrieve ang codes manually

    sa passenger side kick panel, may green connector

    jump mo lang ito with paper clip

    then count how many blinks

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    Sep 2006
    You can bring your car to Honda or any workshop which has a scan tool to check for fault/s or DTCs (diagnostic trouble code).

    These shops will normally bill you for scanning alone, and bill you aditionally if you would want them to repair/correct the fault.

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