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    Nov 2002
    Here's what's happening with my car(Galant 7g ss):

    1. Whenever i start the engine (from cold condition), the Check Engine light goes on and off intermittently. The CEL will go off permanently after a few minutes. Brought my car to Diamond Motors C5 and they diagnosed a defective servo. My question is; Could it be possible for the CEL to light up because of an idling problem? Does it have a sensor that senses idling trouble?
    Masisira ba ang ECU kung hahayaan ko sya sa ganitong condition?

    2. My car also experiences erratic idling for sometime now. So what i'm doing is to adjust idling speed via idle screw, mataas nga lang and idling speed.

    If ever servo nga ang problem, the guys at Diamond told me that i will have to shell out 15k to replace the servo. Is there a cheaper alternative to this? Baka kasi may magagaling na mitsu mechanic na kayang gumawa nito. Thanks.

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    Nov 2003
    from what i've seen cleaning the mitsu servos do not usually work. not sure if it should trigger a CEL warning tho. check ko sa manual tomorrow if may CEL numbers para alam ko if we can diagnose that.

    another solution would be to just buy a surplus servo for 1/4th the price in banawe

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    Nov 2002
    ok na. solb na problem ko. Bought a surplus servo for 2500 pesos. Raymond Sarol fixed it. Voila, happy na ulit ako.

    I think it may trigger a check engine light kasi the ECU also monitors the servo motor.