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    Nov 2011
    Hi Guys.. Newbie lang po ako mag-join sa forum. I believed i will be learning a lot in this site. I have my first car and its a 1998 Civic Vti MT. The engine is retiring and I consulted some mekaniko, change engine is the best thing to do. I heard of the D15B engine. Im torn between double vtec or single vtec. I need your expert advise regarding that. I would also like to know what are the parts that i need to replaced before installing the engine?

    1. Engine Price?
    2. Parts availability?
    3. Will it match my current transmission?
    4. Installation Cost?
    5. Auto shop recommendation for installation? (Paranaque Area)
    6. What are the included engine parts? (ex. Power steering, compressor, etc)
    7. Legal Documentation/papers
    8. Total Estimated expenses (inc parts and labor)
    9. Things to do before and after installation.

    Thank you in advance.

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    May 2006
    better change it with the same engine para walang hassles sa electrical system or baka naman pwede pa i-rebuild ang engine?

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    Nov 2011
    Quote Originally Posted by t2erns View Post
    better change it with the same engine para walang hassles sa electrical system or baka naman pwede pa i-rebuild ang engine?
    Thank you for you advise sir, but unfortunately needs to retire already and rebuild is out of the option. Engine block according to my mechanic needs to be replaced so its almost the same as changing the whole engine.

    I heard about the d15 is most of the replacement for this model. Just torn which one since there are two types of d15b engine, single or dual vtec? What about parts availability? Where can i get a decent engine with a good price?

    Thank you.

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    Jan 2011
    simply go for d15b engine. you cant go wrong with it. its practical, isahang gastos lang. besides, the better option for power and economy. with its 150hp power plant, it satisfy your thirst for power. yet, its fuel efficient. whether single or double? of course, go for double as it gives better performance over the other. good luck with your transplant..

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    d15b vtec-3 mas matipid sa gasolina, without sacrificing power...

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    Apr 2009
    Three types of JDM D15B VTEC popular in engine swaps:

    D15B VTEC-E = for fuel economy, least powerful in the pack
    D15B VTEC = for racing, most powerful in the pack and relevantly fuel efficient as well
    D15B VTEC-3 (3-stage) = best compromise between the two; downside is the non-rechippable ECU meant for automatic transmission

    I'd suggest you go for D15B VTEC.

    Make sure everything has P08 specs:
    P08 intake manifold
    P08 OBD1 ECU
    P08 cylinder head

    For quick reference, nasa gitna ang dipstick nito.
    Pag nasa gilid, yun yung 3-stage.

    Visit our forums for more information:

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    Nov 2011
    Thanks shelu,alwayz_yummy at isa1023

    Very great help!! Im more inlove with the D15B VTEC with single solenoid. If i'll be purchasing my engine, what are the components that should comes with the engine? Alternator, aircon compressor etc... Did anyone of you did the transplant that I'm planning to do? I'm from Paranaque area, maybe anyone could suggest what shop is the best or maybe reputable shop doing this kind of work?

    Expenses wise, do you have ball park figures? Do you suggest that the shop should buy the engine or should I buy my engine and let the shop do the transplant? When it comes to warranty, what do I expect in this project? How about legal documents that I need to secure before buying the engine?

    Sorry mga gurus, newbie in this kind of project and medyo malaking budget na ung expected ko na aabutin so I want to make sure that worth it yung gastos and effort ko.

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    May 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by twickn29zero View Post
    Engine block according to my mechanic needs to be replaced so its almost the same as changing the whole engine.
    What's the basis of your mechanic in condemning the block? He took the guts of the engine out already?

    Worry also on the paper works of your car as getting clearance from HPG these days are one in a million. Unless you got someone "inside".

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    Apr 2009
    The car I bought already had the engine with it (indicated on the CR) so I have no idea on the paperwork.

    A Honda specialist shop nearest to Paranaque will be Hongly along Sucat Road. They're a bit pricey than those in Evangelista like PSI and Initial D, where a D15B complete package and installation may cost around P45,000.00.

    However, to answer one of your initial questions, yes it will match your PH16A transmission.

    I don't know why and how your "mechanic" said the engine is retiring. In most cases, it can be overhauled or rebuilt (rebuilding may cost more than engine swaps though). The good part in overhauling is that you don't have to mind paperworks, which I heard could be such a hassle, not to mention costly.

    Want D15B power? Get a D15B cylinder head + P08 intake manifold + P08 ECU. They bolt straight on to your PH16A block (given it can still hold the compression from that high-revving head).

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    Nov 2011
    Both mechanic took off the cylinder head from my car and I myself saw that the water jacket around the piston is eaten by rust.

    Oh okay, i hope someone here could help me with my endeavor since I need to fix the engine and all the legal papers.

    Thank you.

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