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    Apr 2009
    hi fellow tsikoters...

    I've read some article na this year all diesel have at least 1% biodiesel.

    is it really good for the engine. yung flying v biodiesel is 5%? how about

    caltex and petron?


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    May 2009
    Kung tutuusin breakthrough na talaga ang biodiesel from alternative resources. The main problem is the different blends required to give the most power, torque and fuel consumption and other engine performance parameters. Actually, undergoing pa rin ang research with regards to the blends. Kaya ako hindi muna ako nagkakarga ng biodiesel. I think politics ang main reason behind the percent ratings ng mga biodiesels sold sa mga gas stations.

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    Feb 2010
    The problem with biodiesel is that you cant be sure of the quality. If the manufacturing was good then it 'may' be ok but if its not it can severly damage your pump. Our workshop in AUstralia has seen many damaged pumps from this. There is a biodiesel plant north of Sydney and we can tell when they have a bad production run because we suddenly see a surge in pump problems and when talking to the customer we find they have recently filled the tank with biodiesel. Major pump manufacturers, Bosch etc, actually warn against its use.

    Fuel contamination is the biggest cause of diesl engine problems by far.

Biodiesel - may halo na ba lahat ng diesel ngayon