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    May 2009

    I want to install an aftermarket water temp gauge on my pickup...alanganin ako sa stock gauge kasi nya na hot and the idiot light for the oil pressure..i want to install also a gauge for it since i don't want to be an idiot.hehe

    I need some info with regards sa pros and cons of an electric and thermostatic water temp gauge installation. plus the installation instructions na rin (schematic circuit diagram for electrics since thermostatic is simply bolt-on the tap di ba?)....

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    Jul 2010
    I've just completed my design of Overheat Alarm for Mitsubishi Lancer EL . It will sound an alarm together with blinking Red LED of Temperature Gauge when coolant temperature start to exceed normal water temperature level. In this way, engine overheating will not reach the dangerous level which will damage the engine valve seals, pistons and engine block. I've installed it inside the Temperature Gauge Assembly. I've already been using the Alarm prototype circuit for 2 days.

    I don't know if we have this kind of Water Temperature Alarm in the market or already installed for the latest car model.

Water Temperature (Electric or Thermostatic) and Oil Pressure Gauges Installation???