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    May 2009
    Installed a surplus unit on my truck. discovered a crack on the vacuum pump housing plate causing a weeping oil condition at the back of the alternator (fixed it with RTV for now). somehow corrected the alignment lately due to the mounting holes (alternator and engine side mount) growing oval. now that the alignment is corrected, i'm hearing a grinding sound from the alternator itself. possibly a bearing.

    mukhang sakit sa ulo sakin tong valeo na to. i suspect these valeos are mounted on hyundai D4B engines (similar to mitsu 4D55).

    i'm in the process of rebuilding my original mitsu alternator. stator is under rewinding at the specialist. next to buy is the IC, brushes & oil seals.

    Old rotor unit (mitsu) measures about 4.5ohm then jumps to some higher value. i really don't know if the rotor is really sensitive to probe movements. will post pics of the DIY soon.

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    Valeo alternators are good ones, widely used by European automakers.

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    Oct 2002
    Valeo is an OEM supplier to a lot of vehicle manufacturers.
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    May 2009
    I see....based on my comparison with respect to the vacuum pumps. Valeo vacuum pump is aluminum while the mitsu is cast iron. the oil return on the valeo is a threaded fitting while the mitsu is cast in place. i still hope the valeo will give me trouble free years (after the bearing job of course).

Valeo Alternators. What's your take on these?