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    Jun 2004
    Kindly help. I'm having intermittent problems with my power window, driver's side, sometimes when I open it then close it afterwards, the glass won't go all the way up and seem to be stuck. Can anyone recommend what I need to check or do here. Thanks.

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    Oct 2002
    you have to remove the door siding of the window where you are having problems.

    once the siding has been removed, check the cables, kung buhol-buhol na.

    Kung buhol-buhol na at di mo kaya ayusin, sa Banawe or Evangelista marami nag-aayos nyan.

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    Oct 2002
    ung run channels siguro rusted na, something is blocking the way, or there's something loose in one of the mechanical parts...chicken lang sa banawe boys yan. :D

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    Jun 2004
    ganun exactly ang problem ko last week. dinala ko sa banawe. sa harap ng Carshuck yata yun. may magaling silang tinuro na mama na nagaayos niyan. for P300 lang lahat na 4 doors inayos nya... actually yung may problem lang yung sa driver's side ko at 1 rear. hope this will help...

Power Window Problem