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    Jan 2005
    how about outlast kasi ito ang gamit ko more than 3 years na malakas pa rin.

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    Jun 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by jbusan View Post
    Tama sabi mo pare.. sabi ni yung mga battery store.. Motolite is made in China ngayon.. kaya hindi tatagal.. 6 months lang.. ewan ko kung totoo..
    That's a blatant lie. Whoever said that must be desperate to sell GS batteries. hehehe.

    Locally made ang Motolite at ineexport ito globally. Not the other way around.

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    Nov 2005
    Those warranty is for private use only, decreased into half yan pag pang public kaya laking factor kung paano gamitin.

    Outlast is good too. Outlast Diesel 24 months pinalit ko sa Motolite Excel ng Crosswind last May and hope maka 7 years din like the stock Excel :2thumbsup: Really considering Bosch Silver (12 months) pero walang malapit, next time siguro

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    Aug 2006
    Quote Originally Posted by raine View Post
    how about outlast kasi ito ang gamit ko more than 3 years na malakas pa rin.
    Outlast LOADED also has 13 Plates and carries 24 months.

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    Oct 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by Mile2 View Post
    Been hearing GS has more plates, but we can't find sites that says about how many plates does this product has?

    For comparisson:

    Motolite Enduro has 9 Plates and has 15 months warranty
    Motolite Gold has 11 Plates and has 21 months warranty
    Motolite Excel has 13 Plates and has 24 months warranty

    So anyone knows how many Plates GS has? and warranty coverage?
    sir eto po for your reference info about how many plates GS Battery has:

    this is from an indonesian site since yung mga GS Battery na dumadating dito sa Philippines are from Indonesia.

    2SM 48D26L Maintenance Free 15 Months Warranty

    Plates Per Cell = 9
    Capacity = 50AH/5HR

    2SM 55D26L Maintenance Free 20 Months Warranty

    Plates Per Cell = 11
    Capacity = 60AH/5HR

    2SM 65D26L Maintenance Free 24 Months Warranty

    Plates Per Cell = 13
    Capacity = 65AH/5HR

    i made a research about Motolite batteries to obtain the specifications of the battery but can't find it even on their corporate website.

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    Oct 2009
    thats great find sir.kung mas mura GS mag GS pa din ako . ang question lang is by how much?

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    Aug 2005
    sa Motolite ako. tested na itong local brand na ito sa atin.

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    Oct 2002
    I was disappointed when I saw the GS Low Maintenance Battery under the hood of my new Monty. Disappointed to the point of replacing it with the 4-month old Motolite Gold Maintenance Free (MF) Battery from my old Strada. Ok sana kung GS MF battery sya.

    Na-spoiled kasi ako simula ng gumamit ako ng MF batteries a few years ago. MF batteries does not corrode or form residues. Wala din ang hassle na frequent fluid level checks. Set and forget sya until matapos mo warranty period. In the case for the Motolite Gold 21-months. Pumapalya Motolite Gold exactly on or 1-2 months after the 21-month warranty period.

    Malas ko lang hindi ko na makita kaibigan na pinagbigyan ko ng Motolite Gold. Palit ko sana GS sa kanya. My next battery will be a Motolite MF.

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    Sep 2005
    madali pa kausap yang motolite.. pag pumalya within warranty period.. palit agad nang bago no questions ask.

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    Nov 2009
    Yung GS na asa strada ko dati (kasama nung binili) tumagal ng 3 years. Kaya pa sana kaya lang nadiskarga at hindi na ako nag-abalang alamin kung bakit dati, eh kulang lang pala ng tubig.

    Gamit ko ngayon Motolite Gold 3SMF.

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