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    Sep 2011
    Hi Guys, Im currently driving a ford focus tdci 2009 model. Is it true that when the fuel gauge is already in 1/2 its
    already empty? the fuel capacity is 53liters for tdci.. i noticed my fuel gauge is only at 1/2 but when i gas up its 52liters of diesel. also does the ford focus tdci have fuel alarm? thanks a lot.

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    Jul 2003
    supposedly not. My friends focus goes full range all the way down. Could be a problem with gauge, sender or simply, your tank is bigger than the printed specs. carry a gallon of fuel and drive it past the 1/2 mark. Only way to find out. Or visually check the tank once you hit 1/2. Quite a bit of work though. I would rather just bring extra fuel and drive till it stops.

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    Oct 2002
    di ba ang diesel di pwede paubusan ng fuel? masisira yung injector.
    better bring it sa casa or have your fuel gauge checked. malamang tumitigil sa 1/2 way point yan.

Ford focus tdci 2009 model