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    Oct 2002
    Since there are more people getting interested in old school and classic cars, I thought I'd start a thread, goon squad-style, where people who got burned can post their experiences to help newbies avoid the same pitfalls.

    Those selling cars with tampered VINs, trying to pass off a clone as the real thing, who do shoddy restoration, etc. Basically a list of people or shops to be very careful with or avoid altogether.

    For newbies like me wanting to trace the history of a car, this thread may also be helpful. Someone may know someone who knows someone who once owned your present car.

    edit: Mods sorry for posting here, couldnt post at goon squad

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    Jun 2006
    From personal experience i would be wary of:

    1. The Muslim Couple in Taguig behind FTI with the cars that have no papers or a history of being stolen. Entertaining since they will tell you a tale of woe and try to appeal to your kind nature before they shaft you.

    2. Bowtie and the other brother who runs Munich Taxi service for fleecing customers and theft of parts. One is actually advertising a car right not in the carfinder section here

    3. The dental surgeon on Datsun Street in Fairview for selling faulty parts (remember your life is on the line if you are sold bad brakes)

    4. The guy who advertises Gas Saver in Buy and Sell and is between Ayala Heights and Commonwealth who chops us cars and re-VINs and creates frankensteins

    A PM amongst each other would be good so we can compare notes

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    Oct 2002
    Got burned by this restorer in Sta. Maria Bulacan. I paid him his dues and MORE but never delivered on his commitments after almost two years!!! Thinking about it makes me boil to the point of finishing him off by suing him.

    BUT, life has a way of dispensing justice. This same restorer suffered inumerable pains and aches arising from a heart disease. Last I heard, he has not yet recovered from his illness.

Classic/Old School Goon Squad