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    Mar 2006
    been thinking of getting a used 300C. do any of you know if it's a b*tch to maintain? and is the consumption really that bad? i really like its gangsta look kasi. appreciate the help thanks. oh and i searched the forums but the last entry was over 4 years ago pa. so some of you might have more recent feedback? thanks again.

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    Jul 2011
    The older 300c looks far more appealing than the new one... in the long run the 300c would be a bitch to maintain because of the scarcities of parts and all that...

    gas consumption is pretty bad... but hell... if you want the looks of a 300c it should not bother you :D enjoy

    see link... more info on 300c 2006 Chrysler 300 - Consumer Guide Automotive

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    Mar 2006
    thanks for the feedback and the link!

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    Jul 2017
    3.5km to 4km per liter on the city. 10-11 on the highway cruising at 100kmh. Maintenance is expensive unless you find a reputable car repair shop that doesn't charge you an arm and a leg. I get mine serviced at service shop in Pasong Tamo that does European cars and I'm happy about their price and service.

    To compare - CASA charges you 3500 for the hose that connects your wiper washer to the wiper fluid reserve. They charged me 7k (materials plus labor) for that small signal light attached to your fender - about 2 inches long. Only have your car serviced there as a last resort.

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