Interesting car. Not as bad as I'd expected it to be... certainly better underpinnings than the Benni I drove last year, though it lacks that car's style.

Still, long, long way to go before matching the Koreans. The old Getz was a much better product than this in every way, at a similar price. But it's a start. ;)

Was talking to the Lifan representative, on supply chain and parts issues for Chinese cars, and he says their mechanics have done their homework. They've got all the major parts needed for the car, and their boss has a shipment coming in every two weeks, so parts turnaround time for unusual parts won't be so long.

There's some compatibility with Japanese parts, which helps. Some parts like the air filters and belts are Toyota compatible... and when one customer brought in a car from another brand for a fuel pump replacement, their pump (floater, assembly and all) actually fit.

Lifan has a fleet of taxis running in the south. I'm wondering if it's worth testing a taxi unit.