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    Oct 2008

    China's BYD strikes again! They are planning to create a crossover na gagayahin ang second-generation Lexus RX!


    Alam mo naman ang mga kotseng intsik, walang originality. What do you think?!

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    Jul 2008
    Ok lang yan sa umpisa, copying will be less strain to their R&D spending. Further down the future they will be able to spend on new designs.

    Forgivable offense. My opinion won't be pretty if they continue this path of copying after 4-5 yrs.

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    Mar 2009
    Kung ganyan ang interior at exterior wala na ibabawas then it's ok. Maayos naman yung design nila, wag lang lalampas ng 1M ang presyo niyan.

    Pwede na yan sa mga gusto ng SUV pero short ang budget.

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    Oct 2002
    Have you guys considered the origin of BYD? ... They used to make just celfone batteries if I remember it correctly.

    Now after a few years time, they are making cars that look great and hopefully have good build quality as well.

    And so what does tell us about our own auto industry after decades?

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    Apr 2008
    ang pangit sa china cars ung mga lights nila nagyeyelowish pagtagal tagal..

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    Jun 2008
    Maybe we can let the Chinese do their thing for a while...if we come to think of it, the Koreans' old Starex is a rip-off of the Mitsu Delica. And where's Hyundai now?

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    Mar 2009
    Quote Originally Posted by kevin3000 View Post
    ang pangit sa china cars ung mga lights nila nagyeyelowish pagtagal tagal..

    And their steering wheel plastics tears off easily.


    Great wall makes great cars but, I haven't seen any of their units running around here in MM besides from their GW Peri.

    And I hope BYD doesn't experience the same fate.

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    Dec 2004
    Nandito na sa Philippines ang BYD Motors at under sya nang SINO MOTORS CORPORATION!

    Di yata ilalabas yang Previa at RX300 clone nayan.. Panay passenger cars lang sila kasama yung Aygo,Altis(lumang version) na clones at yung electric car nila!

BYD's very own Lexus RX?!