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    Nov 2008
    I own a FWD Captiva AUTOMATIC 2.0 diesel engine

    i posted this same question in a different forum but nobody seems to know.

    I'm planning to go overseas with my family this Christmass,,
    My captiva will be left at home and of course ill be BRINGING MY KEYS with me,,, (i dont trust the maids nor my neighbors so i wont leave it with them)

    My question is ,,,what if the alarm accidentally gets triggered it will surely wake the neighbors !

    Is there a way for me to deactivate the alarm before i leave??
    or should i just detached the battery before i leave for vacation.....

    .....[SIZE=3]BUT[/SIZE] WONT it reset some gadgets or features of my captiva when i reconnect it again when i get back ???
    I was thinking the captiva has lots of features dependent on its battery!
    so it will RESET OR maybe wont even start ,,,,if it does maybe mess up some of its features ?????

    UNLIKE OLDER cars ,,,,NEW cars nowdays have some extra or safety features that are dependent on electrical power supply such as the battery.
    [SIZE=2]I was told that the [/SIZE][SIZE=2]battery also provides power to the console? So disconnecting it may require some tuning/setting on the console later on...etc?[/SIZE]

    ARE there any mechanics around here....who are familiar with new cars such as the Chevrolet Captiva please shed light on this?

    advice needed pls.


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    Sep 2005
    how long will you be gone??

    can't you just lock the doors without using the alarm?

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    Nov 2008
    well im planning to be away for a couple of weeks!

    Now if the alarm gets triggered and no 1 is there to switch it off ,,,i dont want to be back to see my captiva hammered by our neighbors or maybe even towed!

    The thing about the alarm is that even if you dont arm the car ,,after it locks a couple of seconds later it automatically arms itself/activate the alarm!

    So the questions stills stands!

    any clever mechanics out there??

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    Feb 2007
    valet mode mo yung alarm mo.. or adjust mo ang sensitivity.. gawin mo min. hindi sya mag aalarm unless binuksan talaga ang doors without disarming.. kung simpleng alog o tadyak lang, hindi aalarm kasi nasa pinaka min. yung alarm..

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    Oct 2002
    visit your casa and let them show you how the battery disconnect/reconnect routine goes

    afaik only the radio gets disabled and you need a code to re-enable it

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    Jun 2010
    I have already changed my captiva battery with motolite, i even left it for couple of days w/o battery and it didn't reset at all, so i think you could simply disconnect the battery. the thing that will only reset is the head unit, i'm sure you still have the PIN with you, then that would be not a problem. hope this helped.

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    Aug 2008
    disconnect mo na lang the battery

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