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    Sep 2005
    i'll get the i10 over the QQ... kaya lang medyo malayo na price.. 518T na ang i10.. Hyundai Fort is only discounting 10T plus LTO (7T) so less 17T that's still 500T..

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    Oct 2008
    not my choice because first its from china ( almost all china made is poor in quality)
    good term for this car it looks disposable

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    Nov 2005
    Like Mazdamazda I would stick with the Sentra even if it's old. As you yourself said it's still solid but starting to show age. Use the money that would have gone to a new car and fix the things that need to be fixed and updated on the old car. Restore the old car to almost new and it will give you more service than the new car you are considering and it will most likely cost less also.

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    Nov 2008
    The way this thread is going, its probably safe to conclude Chinese cars aren't yet ready for prime time.

    The QQ3 may represent a steal, but a bargain lemon is still a lemon, so it seems.

    Its very likely that I may have to pony up some more cash for a more substantial car.

    For the meantime, let's just hear what others have to say.

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    Oct 2008
    dun ka na lang sa sentra mo, mas panatag pa nag kalooban mo. wala pa akong alam na chinese product na naging okay, maliban sa mga chinese foods sa chinese restaurants

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    Feb 2008
    Bakit yung mga cellphone naman natin at maskin iPod made in China ah!

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    Apr 2007

    QQ Crash at 40KpH, normal EDSA speed.

    If you value your family, DO NOT BUY A QQ.

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    Sep 2004
    If there's nothing overly problematic with your Sentra, then keep it.

    On the other hand, Coca-Cola seems to place so much faith on Chery, with their service fleet comprising of QQs along with Hyundai Getz units.

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    Aug 2004
    I'd rather get a secondhand Getz... at least that car is about as safe or safer than a decade old Sentra.

    But if you're going for brand-new and economy is an issue, the Suzuki Alto is actually much more fuel efficient than the QQ, both in our testing and in the DOE tests.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Aug 2008
    between a motorcycle and qq, i'd choose a qq for daily driver. yun lang talaga ang makapagdecide sa'kin kumuha ng qq

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