hi peeps, came across this article in another forum:

PERA for your retirement
By: Alvin T. Tabanag, RFP
Business Mirror, June 30, 2008


Just some questions:

1.) does this extend to self-employed as well?
2.) Is it just a matter of nominating a certain investment that you make -- i.e. MFs, UITFs -- as your PERA account? Can you nominate existing investments or does it need to be a new one?
3.) 100,000 is the maximum *annual* contribution?(naks, rich ata ako Grin )
4.) As an account holder, what sort of document and/or reports do you get about your accounts?
5.) Is it insured? Up to how much?
6.) What if you decide to retire at 35, or for some reason, unable to continue working. Do you have to wait another 20 years before you get your money?
7.) What if you croak before age 55, who gets the money, and when can they get it?
8.) We all know what happened to the SSS and GSIS; what guarantee do we have that this won't happen to PERA?
9.) me implementing guidelines na ba?