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    Oct 2002
    Shame on you!!!

    To put it into perspective...

    P106B can be used to implement an across the board wage hike of P10,000/month for ALL government employees (and minimize the "need" for government employees to do under the table transactions).

    P106B can also cut in half our budget deficit for the year.

    Self-employed evade P106 billion in taxes

    The implementation of the EVAT is causing many people to groan in pain, and it would certainly make the pain more bearable if government also went after wealthy, self-employed entrepreneurs. According to Negros Oriental Rep. Herminio Teves, the government has been losing as much as P106 billion yearly because only 47 centavos out of every peso in income tax owed
    by these self-employed individuals is being collected by the BIR. Out of the P96.7 billion personal income taxes collected by the BIR in 2004, only P12.41 billion or a measly 12.9 percent came from self-employed businessmen. The bulk of the individual income tax payments came from salaried employees. The Philippine Institute of Development Studies estimates that government has been collecting only 47 percent of the full potential taxes owed by the self-employed, while the Department of Finance pegs the annual figure at P98.95 billion. Teves recommended checking the assessor’s office for data on these self-employed individuals‚ personal wealth to help the BIR track down tax evaders.

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    Oct 2002
    wow!!!!!!! government talaga d makuntento......mismo yung presidente nga nangungurakot......panay pahirap na lang sa maga pilipino. PGMA..shame on you!!!

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    Oct 2002

    What does PGMA have to do with businessmen / professionals not paying the right taxes?

    If the people doesn't pay the right taxes, then they don't have any freaking right to complain about graft and corruption in the first place.

    The graft & corruption problem isn't just because of the government... it is also because of us Filipinos.

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    Oct 2002
    i wonder how they got these figures.
    i can proudly say that our business is legal.hindi nagtatagal ang mga business sa tabi namin na hindi nagbabayad ng tamang buwis..huli agad eh..matinik BIR sa area namin,.

    pero come to think of it...i dont think it's the self employed who should take the blame...and the SHAME lahat lahat.they are the middle class...which is actually beginning to die and put a big gap between the upper and the lower class. kailangan sila nga ang alagaan ng gobyerno. pero actually, tingnan mo, sila rin yata ang may pinakamalaking tax na binabayaran sa gobyerno.

    i dont know..something just doesn't feel right sa report.i dont it because we are self employed?that it's the only side na nakikita namin?

    but the one who wrote it might also be employed in a company and never have experienced having his own business.never having to experience how hard and expensive it is for us to pay the right taxes.kung alam niyo lang kung magkano binagayaran sa tax...ibang klase.

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    Dec 2003
    yes, hindi ata 100% accurate yan. all sectors should change, not just the self employed, tulong tulong lang naman yan e, hindi yung isa lang magbabago then magic na agad ang result.

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    Feb 2004
    para sa akin dapat maging efficeint ang BIR sa pag-kolekta. marami silang nami-miss at different sectors -- pama-entertainment, tyconn bznessmans, establishments, etc.

    kahit gaano kalakit ang VAT at E-VAT. Bitin pa rin yan, kc d effective/efficient ang collection -- mapupunta lang yan sa masamang kamay!

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    Aug 2005
    Nakwenta ba nila magkano kinurakot ng mga politiko? BWiseeet!

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    Oct 2002
    oo nga, bakit nila nacocompute yung mga buwis na hindi nakolekta... eh ano nangyari sa mga TAX na nakolekta na nila?

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    Oct 2002
    self employed ako...

    give me better roads, effective mass transport, no red tape then maybe i think about paying my taxes correctly...

    ay oo nga pala i pay my taxes correctly....parang lugi ako i dont receive what i deserve from the government...

    shame on you.

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    Oct 2002
    amen to kimpoy.

    kitang kita ko ang kaibahan sa atin dito sa tinitirhan ko ngayon...

    gst at pst 15% tax agad LAHAT ng bibilhin mo dito. kung 10$ bibilhin 1.5$ agad pagdating sa cashier.

    ang laki talga kung titingnan niyo...

    pero tingnan niyo mga kalye dito.tingnan niyo mga mass transit dito..train...subway...busses..the one ticket system..grabe ang effecient.traffic rules..emergency response..everything!sulit ang 15% taxes at kung anu ano pang tax na mahihilo ka na sa kakabayad.but you get what you pay for.hindi sayang ang pagod lalo na nang mga self employed dito na may mga maliliit na shops.

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Self-Employed Evade P106B in Taxes