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    Mar 2010

    i'm bachelor graduate in Computer Science. nd want to advance my studies. so i decided to go for masteral.

    but what i heard from my friends nd on internet that De La salle uni will be best for my master's. but the problem is that my bachelor grades are jst average so i'm little sacred that they will not accept me. if any1 from la salle can help or give me some suggestions.

    other thing is that i like web designing , animations, editing. but i think there's no master's for these..

    if anyone can provide my with informations regarding MSCS (like what they teach in this nd in MS information technology.)

    i've appreciate any help thanks..

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    Sep 2005
    If you have at least very good logic formulation skills, above average mathematical analysis and skills you will survive DLSU's MSCS program. If not, meron pang ibang programs out there. Check mo ang programming skills mo noong college ka, kung mediocre to average lang eh pagisipan mo munang maigi. Pero kung sa work place eh talagang superstar ka na sa pag dedesign ang pag cocode (as in hard code na pipigain ang logic formulation skills mo) eh try DLSU's CS program.

    DLSU's CS (BS or MS) program can't be taken by all peeps pero kung may tiyaga at determinado ang tao natututunan naman lahat. Di nga lang sya iyong tipong babasa ka ng isang tutorial at kala mo makakasurvive ka na, it takes more than that.

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    Sep 2005
    Based on your post you're leaning moreon the arts side. Pag isipan mo muna itong maigi dahil ibang talent ang arts sa logic formulation.

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    Apr 2007
    tama si froshie1, bro. . .pag-isipan mo muna
    are you working now? if so, let your job help you find out what could be best for you to pursue if you really want to further your studies. . .good luck!. . .inggit ako sa yo

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    Dec 2005

    My sister is a BSCS graduate from DLSU. She also completed her MSCS from the same school. I understand na mayroon nito sa RCBC Building in Makati, right? Anyway, you just have to persevere and I understand that they require work experience... She also told me that the curriculum of DLSU for this course, based on her personal evaluation, is better than the one offered by AGSB....


Master Of Science In Computer Science  (Help)