Hi, anyone who has tried putting up an auto-repair shop/talyer? I'm thinking of opening one, I was thinking on low-cost investment. Hope you can share your stories and the estimate investment you spent and how long before ROI.

We only have a limited space, thinking of using a 100 sqm or 200 sqm for the shop. I'm also putting into consideration as whether to acquire car lift kahit 1 muna (stair chair lifts Car Lift) w/c are pricey 80k-120k or up. Or go manual, the old school talyer way. Most of the investment mapupunta sa pagbili ng tools. Thinking of adding carwash/detailing services too, my alam ba kayong nag-ooffer ng good quality training sa carwash&detailing industry?

Sidenote: my dad used to own a talyer, he decided to quit the auto industry..things did not go well but I've seen it to be profitable. One of his best mechanic will be our chief mechanic/manager.