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    Oct 2002
    Sirs and Moms

    Advisable ba ang mag put up ng business dyan sa atin? kasi im planning na magbusiness but my Dad told me na madami daw hinihingi ang gobyerno natin ngayon na kung ano anong mga taxes. Totoo ba ito?

    If Yes what kind of Business?

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    Mar 2004
    Your query is too broad. Any place is conducive to business. You just have to hit the right opportunity with the proper business model

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    Feb 2004

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    Mar 2004
    dipende kung anong business. medyo bagsak ang economy ngayon

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    Jan 1970
    maganda pag yung business na itatayo mo ay interesado ka talaga

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    Jul 2004
    lakanduli -- tama si gretzy. kailangan interesado ka sa negosyo mo otherwise you will just give up and feel just like any employee enslaved by the your work, hahahaha. but what you are planning to do is laudable. at least kahit papano, you can help in our country's unemployment problem, i hope

    as to the kind of business, maraming nag sabi nga sa fod business maganda ang returns kaya lang sakit sa ulo (kailangan close guarding). plus fickle pa ang mga tao but if you hit the right recipe, you can develop a quick following. other types, depending on where you are is buy and sell.

    franchising is another option but the money involved can be so high

    so to rephrase gretzy, what's your interest?

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    Jan 2004
    Marami naman lalo na dito sa tsikot may sariling negosyo ok naman sila. It is probably true that entrepreneurship is not for everyone. There are personality types that are destined to be corporate drones, but that's not bad either. You can be very good at what you do that employers will seek your services and pay you highly.

    Still, there are personality types that suit entrepreneurship. Paperwork and taxes are unavoidable consequences of doing business, or even being employed.

    I mean, if you really have a good idea for a business and are backed by facts to support that you have a product or service that will sell well, not to mention it is something you are interested in and know about, I think konting abala na lang ang magpa-rehistro sa city hall at kumuha ng mga kailangang permit, at magbayad ng tax.

    Just my two cents...

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    Oct 2002
    madali magpa-register ng company/corporation.

    ang mahirap yung mga permits na hihingin mo sa city hall such as mayor's, business, sanitation, atbp. mga permits.

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    Mar 2004
    kahit anong business naman ok dito basta marunong ka. minsan nga lang ang pilipino mahihilig sa mga bago pero madali rin magsawa like zagu, shaarma, box rice and now donuts

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    Oct 2002
    magpautang ka na lang..... tiba tiba dito yan!

    5% per month mas mataas pa sa bangko...

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