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[SIZE=4]COTY 2011 - 2012 Test Fest Day 6: The last hurrah[/SIZE]
Words and photos by Christopher Kho


We have finally reached the last episode of this year's Car of the Year Philippines (COTY-P) qualitative tests. The weekend's roster included a Foton MPX 12-seater, Volvo S60 T4 and T5, and a diesel version of the Chevrolet Cruze. Having a short list of four contenders for the day of testing wasnít half bad considering the impending traffic we expected from the nearby mallsí three-day sales.

As one might remember, the Cruze still is the reigning Car of the Year, so it would be quite interesting how it fairs with a new engine. But that's not the only car that stood out during last Sunday's test. The Foton MPX, for the record, was also a category winner in last year's COTY race in the Van and MPV category. Unfortunately, as a lone entry in the category this year, it might not take home any accolades. Nevertheless, we were quite impressed how much it has improved in just a year's time. The Volvo S60 too makes its come back in COTY. This time around, the S60 is armed with smaller 1.6L turbo and 2.0L turbo engines. As it missed out on a category win by a whisker last year, we're all hoping that the ***y S60 finally gets some recognition.

2011 - 2012's list of 34 contenders look a bit miniscule compared to last year's 61 entries. Though it made work easy for us during testing, it certainly does not make the search for Car of the Year any simpler. In fact, with cars getting better and better each year, finding one that's a cut above the rest has become a lot harder. Now that you've seen all the entries in this year's battle, which car do you think deserves the title of Car of the Year?

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