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[SIZE=3]COTY 2011 - 2012 Test Fest Day 3: Third Day’s the Charm[/SIZE] (w/ video)
Words by Jade Lu | Photos by Christopher Kho

The third day of qualitative testing for the 2011 – 2012 Car of the Year - Philippines (COTY-P) was definitely jam-packed. Last Sunday, September 25, 2011, nine cars were on our chopping board at the All-Terra Cyclery in Ortigas Home Depot. It was a welcome spike in numbers, as far as we were concerned. Moreover, the lineup was pretty sweet: we got three Hyundai Elantra’s (1.6 M/T, 1.6 A/T, and 1.8 A/T), one Hyundai Accent, three Chevrolet Spark’s (1.0 M/T, 1.0 A/T, and 1.2 M/T), and two Mini Countryman’s (Cooper and Cooper S).

The weather was on our side, warm as a summer’s day, and with surprisingly little traffic along Julia Vargas Road throughout most of our runs. We were able to test most of our victims to their road-legal limits, resulting to some mixed emotions concerning certain models. To those that have been following COTY-P so far, it seems to be a common phenomenon among the Car Awards Group, Inc. (CAGI) members to have some startling new revelations, totally opposite from their initial impressions......

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