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    Jan 2005
    WAVE 89.1 together with MC HOME DEPOT


    "BUMPER TO BUMPER" Carshow

    with dj mix from 80's to present...with

    celebrity stick-on and

    GRAND EYEBALL for all car clubs!!

    venue : mc home depot , the fort
    time : ingress 8am to 1030am
    showtime 11am to 12 midnight

    entry car for competition with affiliate car club is P 1,400.00 only
    entry car for competition without an affiliate car club is P 1,800.00 only
    (prices are tentative, but it will not be more than those mentioned)

    for "4" entries or more per car club, entitled to 1 tent with tables and chairs for eb place. entitles also to a radio plugging together with wave 89.1 on air announcement (8-15x daily).

    minor sponsors and major sponsors are also welcome,

    please contact 09178345000 / 09228524461 - jonathan
    09178452639 - andy
    09175319466 / 09228129612 - jb
    09278784809 / 09225622066 - redd

    for more details!

    dami qualified showcars d2!!!

    teamrage - kaya natin mga 8 showcars?


    Major Awards
    Best of Show
    Best Street Car (amateur)

    Best Ford – Pro level & 1st/2nd place
    Best Honda – Pro level & 1st/2nd place
    Best Mazda - Pro level & 1st/2nd place
    Best Mitsubishi ride – Pro level & 1st/2nd place
    Best Nissan ride – Pro level & 1st/2nd place
    Best Toyota ride – Pro level & 1st/2nd place
    Best old school ride – Pro level & 1st/2nd place

    Reserve Awards (depending on participation)
    Best American
    Best European

    Best Club Presentation (based on quality and # of entries) 1st/2nd place

    Best in Paint
    Best Interior
    Best Engine Bay
    Best in Car audio installation – pro / amateur
    Best in sound quality – pro / amateur
    Best Body Kit
    Best in Graphics

    lotsa awards/prizes to giveaway!!!

    sali na!



    1st batch of entries deadline November 8, 2005
    2nd batch of entries deadline November 14, 2005
    last batch of entries deadline November 19, 2005

    For sponsors:
    1st batch of sponsors November 10, 2005
    2nd and last batch of sponsors November 15, 2005


    1. How to differentiate and categorize PRO from AMATEUR or STREET?
    PRO -
    • has major car show award(s) (previous or present)
    • shop owned or company owned
    • shop or company provided items, parts or accessories for free
    • shop, manufacturer of company demo car

    STREET –
    • has major car show experience will be allowed, so long as it has not won any major awards
    • street or daily car
    • dings and doings, scratches and swirls are allowed
    • practically, any car or ride will do!

    2. Categorizing of vehicle’s entries for competition
    Each participant should indicate his participation in a category during the filling up of registration. Maximum of 6 categories per car and minimum of 1 category.

    3. Ingress time is 8am to 11am.
    11am to 12noon will be allotted for display arrangements.
    Any vehicle or competitor who will arrive after 12noon will be placed outside the competition area.
    Any vehicle or competitor who will arrive after 1pm will automatically be disqualified from competition proper. Registration fee will not be refunded.

    4. Sound-Off / Sound Quality competition is from 2pm to 330pm (4pm).
    The time span of 2-4pm will be the time for SQ judges to check and listen to your car audio system. Separate number(s) will be given to SQ participants.
    Estimate judges : 4
    Estimate time/car/set of 2 judges : 10mins

    5. Live feed from Wave 89.1 is every 30 minutes.
    Club representative or Sponsor representative please prepare your “words of wisdom” to the dj who will interview. There will a list to follow for the interview, to avoid overlapping of interviewees, please enlist your representatives or check the list provided during the show

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    Oct 2002
    there's an existing thread already for this.


announcement.... car show...