Bare all at the 2011 Outdoor Autofest Ridexhibit and Swapmeet

Put on a shine for the 2011 Outdoor Autofest's Ridexhibit and Swapmeet happening this October 30, 2011 at the Clark International Speedway (CIS). Flaunt your hottest rides for the Oldest Car, Most Modified, Best Restoration, Rarest Old School Wheels, and Most Techie Car awards. Reign supreme in this on-track car show and you could just land yourself a feature on Gadgets Magazine and

Car enthusiasts too can chip in on the four wheel action in Swapmeet, an open-trade market place for car parts, accessories, and more. Get the best deals for your ride, or make some cash by selling your stuff.

Big prizes will be given away including Dynapack Dyno GC's from Speedlab, Kooltec GC's, Speedlab T-shirts, Kenwood Car Stereo, Blaupunkt Audio System, and Speedlab Keychains! First 15 registrants will also get Bosch SuperBright Bulbs and Bosch Platinum Fusion Spark Plugs, while all participants get a FREE pair of stickers.

To join, simply submit the registration form, deposit the corresponding entry fees, and e-mail the deposit slip to outdoor.autofest* For more details, please contact Raul Asuncion at 0922-8565533.
Download the registration form by clicking on the link:

Ridexhibit/Swapmeet Registration Form

2011 Outdoor Autofest is organized by Speedlab and ADBM Resources with support from, Gadgets Magazine, and the Car Awards Group Inc. It puts together three events into one car-filled weekend: Speedlab's Grand EB and Trackday on October 29 and 30, and Ridexhibit and Swapmeet on October 30. So whether you’re a car aficionado, vintage connoisseur, or a track day enthusiast, we've got them all going in one big event.

For the latest updates, visit the official 2011 Outdoor Autofest Facebook Page.