Do you know dealers who sell door lock actuator (tailgate door/back door) for 2003 honda crv? We talked to our trusted mechanic and he said it was the problem. The back door is locked mostly all the time even though we try to open it using the remote. There are only few instances when the door lock responds to the remote.

Asked Honda about this and they said it will cost 3.6k + 756 labor! Eek! Called one dealer though from Banawe and he said 4.5k + 400 labor --- mas mahal pa sa Honda???!? Haha. Another one had an actuator pero universal lang daw (I don't know if it is compatible with the back door lock) and it was P280 only. Such extreme prices!! Haha.

Hope you know a dealer that sells/repairs the honda crv 2003 back door lock that is more affordable. Help, please? thanks!