The style of animal print on clothing, accessories, and home d?cor is one of the popular trends of today?s fashion. They are seen on magazines and window displays. Many famous designers like Dooney and Bourke, Dolce & Gabbana, and Betsey Johnson have come up with their own animal print handbag?s line. Animal print handbags are fun to wear; it allows you to show your wild side!Here are some useful tips on the top 6 types of animal print handbags.? Leopard print is one of the most poplar animal prints used on handbags as well as on other wardrobe accessories. The best leopard prints come in realistic shades of brown, black and tan while tempting our sense of touch with synthetic fur. Ed Hardy handbags have a whole line of animal print handbags in brightly colored and decorated leopard print. ? Giraffe print is one of the popular animal print styles. Most designers have this print on wallets, satchels, totes, bags, and hobos. ? Zebra print handbags are another popular animal print trend. You will find this animal print on different handbag styles like totes, hobos, wallets, duffels, and clutches. ? Tiger print is another animal print style that can look very realistic if great attention to detail is taken. Using different shades of orange to imitate the bangle or the unique markings of the white tiger is also a highly sought after luxury handbag print. ? Ostrich print handbags is another sophisticated animal print. You can find this animal print on clutches, bags, wallets, laptop bags and shoes. ? Reptile skins, like snake and crocodile, have been used for years to make sophisticated luxury handbags, shoes, wallets and luggage sets to complete who whole ensemble.