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    Dec 2006
    Hi. Does anyone here use Papago software for their GPS? I'm referring to the X8 or X8.5 versions found in some OEM GPS/Multimedia Head Units (not the mobile phone versions). I have both versions and here are my comments:

    1) Roads are fairly accurate (Metro Manila at least, haven't tried using it outside of MM).
    2) Interface is smooth, no issues playing music in the background
    3) 3D View is good, specifically the well-known buildings and attractions

    1) Not updated in terms of traffic ordinances (i.e. asks you to turn left even if it's not allowed)
    2) Does not yet include the new flyover in Global City (exit to C5)
    3) It says it supports Junction View (similar to AVTs), but in my 6 months of using X8 and 1 month of using X8.5, I've only seen 1 junction view (C-5 Bridge to Pasig)
    4) Inaccurate Time to Destination (i.e. I'm travelling at an average of 20 kph, distance to destination is 20 km, correct time to destination should be 60min, in my case, it is always 0.5 minute per km, so time to destination in this case becomes 10min.)
    5) There are locations wherein your car suddenly just goes off the road (in the map i mean). This happened to me while in Ayala near the intersection of makati ave (on the way to edsa) and while in Pasig.
    6) Minimal support

    Anyone else using the same GPS software and experiencing the same issues?

    Lastly, my OEM HeadUnit operates on Win CE 6.0, 800x400 resolution, would anyone know other GPS software that's compatible with this? I'm thinking of changing my GPS software to either Garmin or iNAV or AVT.

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    Jan 2014
    sir pwede ba ako makahingi ng papago x8 mo ty

PAPAGO GPS (X8 and X8.5)