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    Dec 2003
    i did several times when i noticed the traffic light is defective antagal naka red, pati katabi ko nakatingin sakin prang cnasabi 'tara na' haha

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    Aug 2004
    Ako din, puro yellow lights. I've only beat red lights accidentally, in VERY SLOW MOVING traffic, and have gotten ticketed for them each time. Damn buwayas. You can always tell when a major intersection has a very fast or poorly visible stoplight, there's always half a dozen traffic enforcers at them.

    What takes the cake is one of them tried to catch me for blocking the pedestrian lane, when she was the damn idiot who signaled me to stop there (broken traffic light) in the first place. Another broken traffic light on Buendia got the front end of my old Exalta wrecked, when a jeepney driver, all by his lonesome, decided to cross Buendia going over 60 km/h.

    Even if I'm going quickly, I stop DEAD for red lights and busted lights. In the middle of the night, I slow down almost to a stop and go only if it seems clear. Better safe now than bitter and sorry later.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    intentionally, never, accidentally, 3x sa memory ko.

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    Nov 2002
    how often do you run the red light? nuon una kala ko red light district, actually i dont often it, however as i read the question another time, i mistakenly understood it, hehehe yup i often run the red light, lalo na sa madaling araw,but look on left and right side first kung alang ilaw ng headlight then go, its wrong i know=)

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    Oct 2002
    pag madaling araw minsan kahit green slowdown ako saka busina, baka kasi may mag beating the red light pati ako madamay pa.

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    Sep 2003
    pero accidentally mga 2 times na siguro dahil hindi nakatago yung stoplight..

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    Jun 2005
    Sometimes, pag maaga pa at walang gaanong sasakyan. But I don't race, medyo slow down to check na walang babangga o mababangga.

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    Nov 2002

    we were on our way to bulacan kasi, eh hindi naman ako sanay papuntang NLEX. was on EDSA, hinahanap ko balintawak exit. may nasundan akong focus hatchback na naka camouflage, hinahabol ko at the same time hinahanap balintawak exit ... di ko napansin red na pala (actually, di ko napansin yung stop light until it was almost right on top of me) ... buti na lang malayo yung MMDA (which i also did not see, until he blew his whistle).

    hirap talaga pag hindi kabisado. buti na lang walang masyado sasakyan kasi sunday siya.

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    Nov 2002
    I always try to beat the yellow but when it turns red before I cross, I stop for the courtesy of other motorists. I did go at red a few times, and sometimes the MMDA attempts to stop me. I haven't been caught but I try not to do this in Makati or San Juan where the police is stricter (since they don't have a 10-3 window for coding).

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    Mar 2005
    parang kissing scene yun nasa pic ah hehehe.

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How often do you run the red light?