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    May 2004
    not the bulbs, it's the plastic casing (or whatever you call it. :confused: ). I wonder what's causing it since I saw other '99 Civics that doesnt have that problem. The upper half of both my headlights are already translucent, the lower half transparent.

    Need enlightenment on what's causing that 'cataract' and is there a remedy, other than a transplant or an operation?

    Is there an opthalmologist on board? :D

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    Oct 2002
    ganyan talaga mga civics
    kelangan i pa linis...
    bigberts can clean em..

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    Jan 2003
    two things can happen to your civic's plastic lens...
    1. dust accumulates on the inside of your lens, good thing is this can be cleaned

    2. if you're using high wattage bulbs other than the standard 55/60 watts bulb, there is a possibilty of burning your lens, if is burned thats the bad news, you'll have to change the whole assembly.

    come by the shop we'll gladly take a look at your lamps. look for Vincent(blackmagic)

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    Oct 2002
    im sure u used higher wattage bulbs that why ganun ang nangyari, padjust mo nalang headlights mo para pumantay ang pagkalabo. looks better.

hazy headlights