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    May 2006
    Don't BUY from them... some units are have issues....

    3-4 Weeks ago,my friend bid a picanto and won. After the payment and signing of contract and deed of sale, a photocopy of the cr and or was given to him. The manager told my friend that processing of papers will be done in a week's time, but my friend could take home the unit already, and so he did.

    two days after, he brought the picanto to crame for macro-ecthing when surprisingly the unit have some issues... 3 o.r. and 3 c.r. registered to a single picanto.... bulaga talaga...the picanto was CONFISCATED.

    So my friend went back to psbank to clarify the matter. PSbank manager told him not to worry, after a week all papers will be presented to TMG for clearance.... the manager guaranteed that IF the bank cannot clear the picanto's name, they are much willing to give a refund or at least give my friend the chance to bid for another unit... reasonable naman, di ba?

    A week after then, NO DOCUMENTS CAN BE PRESENTED by the bank. The bank asked my friend if he could, at least, help the bank get the picanto back from CRAME and resolve the matter privately.

    Back at TMG, they told my friend that the unit indeed have issues, and it would be best to return the unit to PSBANK. So the nest day, the picanto is now infront of PSBANK...

    now here comes the problem.....

    the MANAGER now declines in voiding the previous contract, and insist in the validity of the said bid or purchased agreement... wala daw problema ang picanto but yet they cannot face the TMG kasi PROBLEMA NA DAW YUN NG BUYER.... is this how BANKS work? All promises made were denied as if no words came out of their mouth.

    Ordinary People like us, would prefer to buy units from banks rather from an agent or kahit na from 2nd owner due rampant papers probleams, di ba? pero pati Bank ngayon, nanloloko ng tao...

    well I heard ... my friend and his lawyer are now preparing to file cases against PSBANK. Madami pa daw units dun na may problema sa papeles.

    to all people, warning na ito...Don;t buy units from PSBank...

    btw, If anyone can help/ share some lights or info to resolve this matter,, pls do leave a msg here... thanks

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    Oct 2002
    ok yan, idemanda niya sigurado panalo siya dyan at baka brand new hyundai Sta fe pa ang ibigay sa kanya ng PSbank...

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    Sep 2005
    Yep demanda na yan.

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    Oct 2002
    kung ako yan, i will get a lawyer. medyo madugong usapan yan.

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    Nov 2002
    from what branch of PSBANK Sir if me I ask

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    Oct 2002
    Sue the bank. They were supposed to sell you the car free and clear of all encumbrances --- and there's an implied warranty that they own the car which they are selling to you.

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    Dec 2007
    hmmm, kasama sa implied warranties ng seller yan... that the car is free from any liabilites and encumbrances before the sale... clearly negligence yan ng bank who should exercise extra ordinary diligence... laki ng damages na makukuha nung aggrieved party dyan... isama na rin nya yung bugoy na manager na kausap nya! good luck

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    Sep 2004
    Suing the bank will be a very costly and time-consuming matter. If your friend doesn't have deep pockets or well-entrenched connections, he'll be regretting his decision later. Just use the lawsuit bogey as leverage. Believe me, been there, done that. I even have the battle scars to prove it, hehehe

    A better option would be to go public. Marami namang public service shows diyan, Bitag, XXX or Imbestigador. Tutal, your friend has a very strong case. Sama mo na rin ang DTI. Para masapubliko na rin yung pangalan ng manager dun sa PSBank. I'm quite sure, titiklop sila. No bank wants bad publicity, esp. if the gripe is valid.

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    Jun 2004
    ^^^ + 1 .. mahirap kalaban ang isang malaking kumpanya o tao, kaya epa media na yan

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    Feb 2008
    spread this news sir, for everybody's info and enlightenment. this is a serious predicament!

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