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    Mar 2004
    Mr. Lantano seems a legit inventor (unlike Mr. Dingle)... here is an article DOST released just last friday... wow, balik P15 ang diesel niya!

    Industry & Business: Inventor introduces RL ReLoaded Fuel
    Posted on Thursday, April 15 * 15:13:20 PHT by crpd

    A new and cheaper fuel compatible with all kinds of internal combustion diesel and marine engines is now on test market. Known as RL ReLoaded Fuel, the product is the latest breakthrough of Mr. Rudy Lantano, 1996 WIPO (World Intellectual Property Organization) Gold Medal Awardee for the Most Outstanding Invention.

    RL ReLoaded Fuel is a mixture of diesel and Lantano's 1996 winning invention, the Super Bunker Formula L. with the use of his patented invention, the Agitating Reactor Machine.

    "This is in response to skyrocketing fuel prices. We need to help our people by providing them with economical and environment-friendly fuel," Lantano explained.

    Mr. Lantano cited the advantages of his product: 1) decrease in fuel prices; 2) decrease in fuel consumption; 3) environment friendly with low sulfur content; 4) built in lubricant that protects and lengthens engine life; and 5) lower flash point resulting to easier starting and higher combustion power. Furthermore, the RL ReLoaded Fuel can run 10 kms per liter on C220 engine against 6 kms per liter on conventional diesel.

    "This new fuel product requires a special kind of fuel filter which I also manufactured. With this special fuel filter, RL ReLoaded fuel can be used interchangeably with conventional diesel," Lantano added.

    Suggested pump price is P15.28 per liter, available at Lan-Gas Station in Bicutan, and soon at all Flying V Gas Stations. "Commercial production is minimal at the moment, but we can produce 2 million liters per day," said Lantano. He further stressed that low cost fuel can effect savings and stimulate demand, production, income and consumption. Bulk prices are at P14.88 per liter. For more information, please call 838-0257; 838-7224; 0919-5013623 (Vicky Bautista, STII S & T Media Service)

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    Oct 2002
    hmmm....meron na bang tech review from guys ito? Oteps? Ungas? PK? Alfred? others?

    Sana ok...makakatipid tayo!

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    Mar 2004
    permit me to quote phillipogi's reply to my other post (related to this)...

    kilala ng dad ko yang si Lantano, I remember I posted some details about this gas and its secret ingredients...client kasi sya ng friend ng dad ko. Hinahanting nga talaga sya, lalo na ng Shell. Actually Shell wanted to buy the formula, ayaw lang ni Lantano.
    actually na-try na pala namin ito before kasi Mr. Lantano gave my dad a full tank of diesel fuel using this technology, kinarga sa adventure. Ayos naman, no difference from the diesel fuel from the Big 3. Even police vehicles (including Hummmer) of NCRPO and SAF from Camp Bagong Diwa ay suki na dito.
    Looks worthwhile investigating, huh? I'm going to ask my brother-in-law to check it out since he lives in bicutan/taguig and binabiyahe niya ang diesel van niya...

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    Oct 2002
    San makakabili? taga bicutan din ako

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    Apr 2004
    For more information, please call 838-0257; 838-7224; 0919-5013623 (Vicky Bautista, STII S & T Media Service)
    I think this is the number to call for inquiries.

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    Jan 2003
    kamusta ang feedback nyo on the new fuel? so we have to install the new filter before using the fuel?

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    Apr 2004
    tinawagan ko yung number... 8380257... ang address nila ay...

    315 M. L. Quezon St. Lower Bicutan, Taguig...

    black reloaded diesel ang tawagan nila... kailangan palitan yung filter ng sasakyan, like for Adventure meron sila...

    P15.28 / liter... P750 daw yung filter...
    Last edited by RafRaf; April 21st, 2004 at 04:05 PM.

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    Jan 2004
    diba bunker oil is the one used for boat engines...yung tankers and cargo ships...

    this looks like mud as what I've been there someone using this fuel regularly?

    Please send your feedback :D



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    Apr 2004
    kamote09, si phillipogi nagamit na daw nila (see above quotes from RDL4D56)... same din daw perf sa regular diesel...

    phillipogi, ok ba talaga? feedback please...

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    Jun 2004
    with the advent of increasing fuel prices, i discovered this thread rummaging through the forums.

    any new updates on this?

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