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    Jul 2004
    new member po ako dito. tanong ko lang if there's a way na malalaman kung "dinoktor" o in-adjust na yong odometer to make it appear na mababa lang ang mileage. sorry po kung "question of ignorance to :P.


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    Oct 2002
    WELCOME PO DITO SA TSIKOT.COM topic na yata tungkol dito kung hindi ako nagkakamali.....

    hintayin na lang po natin yung mga moderators para ma-link dito sa thread mo...

    in the meantime eh enjoy your stay here at

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    Oct 2002
    May nakita po akong isang topic but different vehicle class:

    - Can an LC80 cost this much?


    Ooops! My bad, nagkulang yung number sa link. Salamat po at nasabi nyo. :D

    I already edited the same link.
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    Feb 2003
    medyo risky talaga kung di mo kilala ang pagbibilhan mo ng 2nd hand na auto. kung medyo alanganin ka, and yung auto naman sabi ng owner CASA maintained, better to check it sa CASA mismo kung saan niya pinapaservice then trace mo na lang kung ilang mileage na.

    better kung kakilala mo ang pagbibilhan mo ng auto, mataas man konte ang price pero sigurado ka naman. HTH.

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    Oct 2002
    ungas, parang iba yata ung thread na lumalabas.....

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    Mar 2003
    sir ungas, tungkol sa fastlane yun' thread.

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    Oct 2002
    Link edited, thanks for the notice. :D

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    Oct 2002
    What i usually do is to divide the mileage by the number of years the car is. From what i observed, usual mileage of a city used car would be from 12K to 20K a year. If a car logs less than 10K a year, medyo nagdududa na ako and i try to look closer.

    Try to gauge where the owner lives and where he usually travels to (work, school, etc.) I once looked at a Corolla with 49K on the odo. It was 4 years old that time but when i checked where the owner lived, he was in QC and they had a sticker to a Caltex refinery in Batangas... napaisip na ako. I looked closer at the engine bay and i saw a sticker on the timing belt replacement: "Replaced in 2000 with 100,000km++"

    Another was with a '99 Corolla i looked at. It had 23K on the odo and was really clean (mukhang 23K lang talaga ang mileage). Nagduda lang ako since the dealer said it was the original tires pa rin (Eagle NCT 3s)... from experience, i knew NCT3's wouldnt have that thread thickness that it showed at 23K. I was able to contact the owner by luck since she worked at the same company as my bro-in-law and i foudn out that it had 58K already on the odo.
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    Jul 2004
    thanks for all the advices. guess yun ang risk when buying a 2nd hand vehicle.

    very informative itong website nyo dami ko natutunan from reading yong mga previous posts, vehicle-wise & personal-wise. gaganda rin ng mga vehicles nyo, kakainggit. sana mapaganda ko rin ng ganyan yong sa amin.

    again, thanks for the advice.

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