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    Sep 2003
    hello, anybody here tried those gas saving devices claiming up to 50% savings in fuel consumption? saw an advertisment again in the papers, its called the "khaos" promises significant cut in fuel cons, longer engine life, less pollution, etc...endorsed by kenneth duremdes pa with an expedition in the background. I believe there are other similar devices claiming the same benefits....anyone here have this? are these true? thanks.

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    Oct 2002
    for me those devices dont make much sense... unless they're really cheap.

    if that device will claim 10% fuel savings, that means with every 50liters you load up, you save at the most, 5 liters. P125 savings per tank ful... But how long will it take for you to recuperate the 5-10K (usual cost) of the device?

    By the time na marecoup mo yung cost ng device, baka bumaba na presyo ng gas or you sold the car na...


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    May 2004
    just inquired about the device. P6,500 daw. fixed na yung presyo kahit saan branch.

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    Feb 2004
    if people use an average of 50 liters a week, that means exactly one year ROI.

    i think we should ask them to sponsor one of the administrators and give us one for testing, para malaman talaga natin kung worth it ba.

    bt, i think the best bang for buck way to save money on gas is to keep those revs under control


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    Oct 2002
    that's a big IF (it works)...

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