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    Sep 2007
    share ko lang (my post * HCP forum):

    peeps, anyone tried this one already? any feedback? My Free Gas FREE P1,000.00 worth of gas monthly!

    seen this one tonight lang in the Motoring section, Philippine Daily Inquirer, March 3, 2010 issue.

    i dunno who came first w/ this kind of ads strategy si Globe ba (Globe Free Gas Plans) o My Free Gas.

    Anyway, here's the FAQ from their site:

    Q: What is the sticker size?
    A: 20 inches long and 3.5 inches high.

    Q: Where do I put the sticker?
    A: On your rear wind shield or your rear bumper.

    Q: What happens if I remove the sticker?
    A: You do not get a free gas coupon. Only distributors of MyFreeGas are authorized to remove the stickers. Each sticker removal must be recorded by a MyFreeGas distributor.

    Q: When will I receive the Php 1,000 worth of free gas?
    A: You will be able to receive your free gas exactly after one month of having the sticker installed by any of our distributors. This is provided, that your car has reached at least 300kms during the month.

    Q: Where do I claim the freegas voucher?
    A: Claim it from your distributor after having your mileage checked and your carís odometer picture taken.

    Q: What do I need to bring when I have the sticker installed?
    A: You will need to bring the original and a photocopy of your driver's license, car registration and official receipt, company/school ID, and any billing statement when you activate your account. The photocopy will be given to us while the original will be used to verify the documents.

    Q: What is the minimum mileage?
    A: In order to avail the 1,000 Php free gas voucher for your car. Your car must run at least 300kms every month.

    Q: What if I do not reach 300kms this month?
    A: You do not get your free Php 1,000 worth of gas.

    Q: Can the MyFreeGas sticker damage my car's paint if I put it on the rear bumper?
    A: No, it will not. We use vinyl stickers that wonít damage or chip the paint of your car.

    Q: Who can sign up?
    A: Anyone. However, we do not guarantee that you will get free gas after you sign up. The free gas availability for each area will depend on our sponsoring companies' requirements.

    Q: Can I register more than one vehicle?
    A: Yes you can register a maximum of 5 vehicles per driver for Private cars and there is no maximum for Public vehicles. For Private vehicles, you can register up to 5 cars under your name, as long as you reach the required mileage for each. (a different maximum number of cars applies for public vehicles) Log on to your Car Owners log in page, click "vehicle profile" and then click "add car". If you don't have a user name and password yet, please register NOW!

    Q: What happens if my sticker gets damaged?
    A: Please contact us to replace the sticker. We will have to charge Php 200 for the sticker cost.

    Q: What happens when myfreegas contract ends?
    A: After the contract, the sticker needs to be removed and recorded by our distributor. Failure to do this will result to you having less chances of renewing your freegas contract the next time a new brand comes along.

    Q: Can another person renew and receive my free gas for me?
    A: Yes. As long as he or she has a written letter of consent signed by the registered receiver of MyFreeGas.

    Q: What if I run more than 300kms? Do I get more free gas the more I run?
    A: No, you can only get 1 coupon of Php1,000 per car per month. If you run more than 300kms per month, companies will like using you to carry their brand as they get more brand exposure for your high mileage. This means, you will have a better chance of renewing your contract with myfreegas for other campaigns.

    Q: How will I know if I reach 300Kms per month?
    A: If you consume more than 1 full tank per month, more or less you reach 300Kms. A sedan or a car with an average fuel efficiency rating runs around 300Kms on one tank of fuel.
    I registered already to try this out. Sayang din ang 1K free gas if ever. Tumaas pa naman ulit ngayon ang gas.

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    Jul 2008
    parang kulang pa yung P1000.00 for 300km. parang lugi pa. sayang pa pagod.

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    Sep 2007
    Quote Originally Posted by aejhayl17 View Post
    parang kulang pa yung P1000.00 for 300km. parang lugi pa. sayang pa pagod.
    kaya naman paps. bagay 'to sa mga daily warriors like me. 20km/day ako.. dala ko kasi everyday. pero kung di mo naman gamit everyday, wag na lang... lugi talaga kung pipilitin mo lang abutin.

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    Jul 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by redeemed View Post
    kaya naman paps. bagay 'to sa mga daily warriors like me. 20km/day ako.. dala ko kasi everyday. pero kung di mo naman gamit everyday, wag na lang... lugi talaga kung pipilitin mo lang abutin.
    i did a math kasi hehehe

    money = P1000
    goal = 300 km
    average FC (as of last full tank) = 9km/l
    gas price (shell malabon)= 45.25

    P1000 / 45.25 = 22.10 liters

    22.10 L x 9km/L = 198.9 km

    198.9 km - 300 km = (-) 101.1 km


    101.1 km short for the given(free) P1000 worth of 22.10 liters of gasoline


    kung tulad kita, im spending P3K-4.5K (2-3 full tanks) worth of gas in a month. its a P1000 less for the monthly gas expenditures. may sticker nga lang ang auto.

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    Sep 2007
    actually paps, yan din naiisip ko... around 3k-4k monthly gas ko.. less 1K if ever.. pede na rin. kaso yun nga may sticker lang. alangan din ako kasi wala talaga stickers oto ko.. even yung sa LTO winshield sticker di ko rin dinidikit. kaso 1K is 1K din.. well, unless money is not a problem.. :D

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    Sep 2005
    ok lang to.. basta wag "THANK YOU GMA" ang sticker! hehehehe

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    Jan 2008
    ok to ah! isang byahe ko lang yung 300kms.. pwede!

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    Mar 2009
    300kms ? Hmmm ... pwede. :thumbup: Pero, ayoko na. 300kms, di ko yata kaya yun. Hahahahahaha

    Kaya lang ang laki ng sticko. Magmumukhang taxi yung sasakyan sa sobrang laki, mabababoy kumbaga. 20inches long ba naman.

    Okay din ako sa thank you gma ! basta 50k a month. :rofl: ang laki kaya ng magiging kasalanan ko kapag dinikit ko yun, araw araw ako magsisinungaling, ang hirap yata nun. :bwahaha:

    -- ano kayang gas yun ?
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    Sep 2007
    just an update lang peeps. received this from inquiry* (mailing list)...

    Jibby Tinio (Chief Operating Officer) Handing First Caltex Star Card to Kirk Damasco ( First Car Owner to Receive Free Gas.

    [SIZE=4]First Set of Gas Cards Given[/SIZE]
    [SIZE=4]Out to the Public[/SIZE]
    by Doby Atilano

    After many months of polishing and developing the MYFREEGAS web monitoring system for advertisers and distributors, we have finally started deploying vehicles backed by advertisers beginning march 10, 2010. We are pleased to say that we have given our first batch of qualified car owners, 1000 peso worth of Caltex Star Card. Qualified car owners are those who had their car pictures taken from our nearest Rapide distributor and have driven over 300 kms over 30 days or one month.

    MyFreeGas web monitoring system is the first of its kind and has creatively designed by the myfreegas team along with its web developers. The web monitoring system that we developed promises advertisers 2 things. The first is that all stickers that our distributors install will not be removed or tampered with. Also, that the cars sponsored by the advertisers will move around 300kms from the sticker installation point. To prove this at any time, stickers taken by our distributor will be instantly uploaded in the advertisers web monitoring page. This way, Advertisers have a peace of mind that each car that they sponsor do carry their brand and that the cars are not just parked in the parking lot.

    Shown in the picture is chief operating officer Jibby Tinio and the first gas receiver of the 1000 peso Caltex Star Card. The first gas receiver carried the brand of Nice Print Photography from March 10 to April 9.
    More to come!

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    Apr 2010
    I registered to that site as well last week.. still waiting for their reply if my van get's picked... sana makuha.. sayang din yung 1k per month worth of gas.. im spending around 1500php per week for gas alone.

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