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    Aug 2003
    any ideas where to get these info, if there is *any* info to begin with? i'm particularly curious about the vios, apv, and matrix

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    Mar 2005

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    Aug 2004
    For the Matrix, you should probably look up European Safety ratings. The Vios is almost exactly the same as the older Echo sedan being sold in the US (cosmetic lang ang difference) and should have similar crash ratings.

    The APV is a relative unknown.

    By the way, even if a vehicle gets four or five stars in Euro and US ratings, you should take that with a pinch of salt. These ratings are mostly obtained on vehicles with airbags equipped. Some of them have the higher US standard side curtain airbags, which aren't available on non-luxury vehicles here. The Philippine Vios has no airbags or ABS, the Matrix, AFAIK, has one airbag only. I don't know about the APV.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Oct 2002
    also, check the crash testing methodology very carefully before comparing results conducted in different countries. iba-iba kasi iyan. an Australian result, for example, most probably can't be directly compared to an American NHTSA or IIHS test result.

crash tests/safety ratings for ASEAN cars