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    Jul 2004
    Hi guys,

    any good idea on what to get for this budget.
    kailangan ko kasi talaga ng mataas taas na vehicle, tag-ulan na naman kawawa na yung kotse sa baha na inaabot ko. Im from Malabon.

    Interesado sana ako sa pajero at bighorn na 3dr. or any other suggestion.

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    Oct 2002
    Samurai then modify the suspension and body lift for the remaining funds. Nasa 120-200k yata ang estimated 2nd hand units. Meron ka pa tuloy offroad toy kung sakaling maisipan mong sumama sa trails.

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    Dec 2003
    A local Nissan Terrano is about that price. It does not have the off road potential of a Vitara. Pero if you just need it for the urban jungle and casual trails for the weekend its ok. Ride is better compared to the other suv in the price range. It consumes gas more than other options. If you get the diesel version it will be slower than the other options.

    A good option is a Vitara, its one of the options I took seriously. Pero since I had the requirement to ride people in the back seat I did not take the Vitara. Has the most off road potential, lots of aftermarket 4x4 parts. Good fuel economy compared to the other options.

    Another option is a gen1 Pajero. Ride is the poorest among the options. Parts are plenty, and if you can make it a good one it looks ok.

    Or buy a dirt cheap Feroza or Samurai then use the extra cash to setup.

    If you are not an expert on the mechanicals of a car, stay away from the converted ones like the options you are looking at. Hope this helps.

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    Oct 2002
    I'd go for the Vitara

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    Oct 2002
    if you're looking for a "converted" subic suv, then your best bet is the isuzu MU. it has 2 big advantages over other subic converted suvs, namely:

    1. the conversion is not the same as the pajeros and land cruisers as the isuzu MU already has existing anchor points installed at the factory for both left hand drive and right hand drive. so the steering wheel, steering collumn, brakes and clutch were not attached using "nigger rigged" (pardon the expression please) anchor points.

    2. isuzu philippines will service these 2nd hand ex-japan vehicles. other car manufacturers like mitsu, nissan and toyota refuse to service ex-japan vehicles in their casa.

    info is from my friend who owns a MU. but if you want to get 1st hand info, then ask tebs, i think he has a MU.

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    Oct 2002
    Looks, performance at maintainability go for the Isuzu MU. BUt if you want a compact vehicle for personal use, go for a vitara or jimney. Ok lahat ito sa mga baha dyan sa malabon....

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    Oct 2002
    maluwag sa 2nd row ng MU!! although it looks cramp from the outside. everyone that i showed the interior of the MU says, "wow! ang luwag!"

    i stand at 5'8" and i can fit easily and comfortably in the rear seats. and may cargo space pa sa likod na maluwag.

    as of now, gamit ko lang sya for my daily errands and minsan na gimmick. hehehe just had the aircon have the general cleanup. lamig!

    pics are here (copy paste na lang, thanks!):

    i'm located in caloocan. in case you wanna see the unit. selling it for 270K, pero dahil tsikot members tayo, may special price ;) just contact me on the landline no. below

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    Oct 2002

    paki post naman specs - engine displacement, hp, injection pump type, turbo/non-turbo, manual or matic. may 4-door ba nyan, kasi yung sa friend ko sabi nya 2 door+ tailgate din yung kanya.


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    Oct 2002
    2.8L turbo 4jb1 yung engine code
    manual, 2-door (yung 4-door model is called the wizard or rodeo sa US)

    don't know the hp and injection pump type.

    72000kms odometer reading. original LHD dashboard. power windows.

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    Sep 2003
    tebs, ganda pala ng tayo ng MU. baka may kakilala ka diyan na nagbebenta.m y budget is 450T. Yung 4 door may 3rd sit ba yun?musta naman ride comfort niya?

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SUV suggestion: budget 300-350k