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    All Stock Cars and guess who won?

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    Mukhang wild masyado yung driver ng MR. He had a clear advantage over the Subarus, but wasted it by driving too aggressively and wearing down his tires early.

    You can see it even from the first corner, even though the Evo can take a tighter line (seen when they thread through the infield, both Evos are noticeably tighter through the apex than the STi between them...), he brakes late and carries too much momentum through the last corner... then he oversteers through the chicane, driving too wildly... though he gets it right on the second lap... the guy was just too hard on his tires from the start, allowing the driver of the Spec C to overtake him as the tires went away.

    Consider that the Subaru driver only caught up with him after he'd wasted his tires trying to overtake the A-Line WRX. A game of good tire conservation and good driving more than anything... (it's this kind of game played in the Best Motoring supercar battle where the Murcielago takes all... the driver conserves his tires for a last-lap sprint and wins) I'd like to see that race on same-spec tires...

    Anyways... terrific race, whichever way you look at it... not an unexpected result, considering the extra power and refinement of the Spec C... let's wait till the next Evo comes along... bwehehe...

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

Subaru STI spec-C & A-Line -VS- EVO IX & MR