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    Mar 2008
    Forget this saying of "It's how you maintain the car that matters." Let's say this vehicle is religiously maintained wherein all maintenance schedule is followed religiously without any lapses. The materials used for maintenance such as engine oil, brake fluid, etc. are genuine premium original products. Price isn't an issue as well, it doesn't matter if one is a lot more expensive than the other. The only priority is the overall quality of the vehicle.

    Which should one choose? Japanese, American, European, Korean, or Chinese?

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    Dec 2006
    What's the point when all the variables are so unrealistic?

    You buy a car because it fits your needs,because you like it, and because you can afford it.

    And besides, any comment on the matter will be tinged with subjectivity and be based more on brand perception than actual data because I don't think anyone has bought all the cars of different car manufacturers and has tested each and everyone of them rigorously enough over the course of several years to have an objective comparison.

    Comments will always be based on what cars they've owned. But one person's experience of his Vios having no problems in 10 years while his Tucson has had suspension issues cannot be translated into a blanket statement that Jap cars are more durable than Korean cars.

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    Jul 2007
    TS, how come you did not include European?

    Among the choices I would go for Japanese.

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    Mar 2008
    I added European in the thread title, mukhang hindi na ma edit. May bug or glitch yata. Gusto ko ung bang of the bus na purchase, ung tipong kontentong kontento ka sa binayaran mong sasakyan.

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    Nov 2008
    Japs for me. Sorry too short

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    Nov 2009
    Price isn't an issue?

    Then i'll go European if i can afford and maintain one.

    Asian fleet? My money is with the japs.

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    Feb 2008
    Money is not an issue - european

    Realistically - Japanese

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    Dec 2006
    Labo lang, sa isang thread nagpost na yung TS ng ganito:

    Quote Originally Posted by solidsnake4747 View Post
    Japanese cars > Korean cars


    Tapus ang usapan.
    Yan din yung TS na nagpost ng kung anong kotse ba yung makakakuha ng maraming chicks. Parang di naman nagtatanong para makatulong sa purchase niya, kaya ang theoretical and unrealistic ng dating ng mga topic.

    Quote Originally Posted by solidsnake4747 View Post
    Ang sarap kasi ng feeling bro kung hinahabol ka ng madaming babae. Kasi if you have the car which is the ultimate babe/chick magnet eto kasi ang scenario niyan:
    Girl 1:"Hey mga girls, alam niyo ba na si (*Your Name*), meron siyang bagong (*Insert name of car here*)"
    Girls: "OMG talaga!?, I want him na!"

    Sarap ng feeling niyan bro nung hinahabol ka ng mga babae na nakakkilala sa iyo or kahit iyong di pa nakakakilala sa iyo. Kasama sa mga examples could be Lamborghini and Ferrari kaso we all know na sobrang mahal ng mga iyan. Iyong realistic naman na ma-aaford.
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    May 2006
    aba'y don't feed the troll pag ganyan

    pero yung tinatanong ni TS na "BANG FOR THE BUS" sigurado TOYOTA VIOS na!

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    Feb 2009
    Depends. If you want a car that's always in the shop, or driven everyday, utility, to "keep up with the joneses", for bragging rights, to impress the girls or because you are a practical person comfortable being yourself. They don't pay for you car nor its maintenance. It is like stiletto heels, it looks nice except when you are the one wearing it you feel the back ache or the tired legs but sure looks nice to the ones watching you

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Which should one choose? Japanese, American, European, Korean or Chinese?