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    Oct 2002
    OTEP> super slow talaga. :lol:

    I've driven before other 1.3L vehicles and ok lang (Honday City, Ford Lyx LSi, etc.).

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    Oct 2002
    Quote Originally Posted by mazdamazda View Post
    OTEP> super slow talaga. :lol:

    I've driven before other 1.3L vehicles and ok lang (Honday City, Ford Lyx LSi, etc.).
    But all those cars you mentioned are still faster than my Pajero.

    Btw, our full size Benz (W108 body) has only around 70hp (200D engine).

    Liveable naman.
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    Mar 2006
    bosing dun nyo po sa car comparison i post yan wag dito!

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    Oct 2002
    the Sentra GX, i think is bare. pati rims ata nya, steel rims lang. not sure ha?
    for one, interiors/trunk is bigger than the Vios.

    but fuel economy-wise, i would go for the vios. looks better too.

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    Oct 2002
    May GX all power na po. I forgot kung magkano ang price difference (naiwan ko ata sa Caloocan yung price list).
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    Oct 2006

    Can some1 please give me an advise which car is better, sentra gx 1.3 mt and vios 1.3 m/t? in terms of fuel consumption, maintenance cost, and durability? your experience will really help...

    PS. Mamar, tnx for the advice

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    Jan 2006
    previous 2005 gx(m/t) owner here. i can attest that fuel economy is way behind compare to vios i guess bec. of its body weight (1130 kg vs 960kg). with 10k+ in the odometer fuel consumption is 6-7km/l(city driving), 14-15km/l(highway).

    but i love its interior and space compare to vios. * 170km/h * 5000rpm the engine is very quiet and stable though it is sluggish especially during uphill climbing.

    imo, maintenance cost is a plus for vios pero dami na akong nakikitang gx sa daan cguro di na issue ang maintenance cost. engine realibility i go for nissan all the way.

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    Dec 2002
    Am a user for both cars....

    Yung Sentra is my everyday ride pero yung Vios paminsan-minsan lang....

    I'm using Sentra GX M/T....yup, its very bare, stock steel rims and also 1-DIN audio system w/ 2-front speaker system. Yung akin pina-add ko lang yung back-up sensor (freebie ko last year). It has a 4-spoke power-assisted steering wheel w/ 16-valve 1.3 engine.

    About the Vios...for the 1.3 variant, dalawa yung pwede mong choice, Vios J & Vios E, wherein the latter is a bit higher. Am using the E variant M/T. The setup is not that bare though for this variant, power lahat (windows, locks & steering except mirrors), keyless entry, 2-DIN audio w/ 4-speakers, airbags, w/ tacho inside that center-console, alloy wheels.

    Given the two, IMO mas matipid para sa akin ang VIOS in terms of fuel mileage. Mahirap kasi maging basis kung puro Manila ang base ng sukatan coz of the unpredictable traffics pero pag hi-way run, mas tipid talaga para sa akin ang VIOS over SENTRA pero not that big naman. What I like best about the SENTRA is the space both in the interior and in the trunks. Yung Vios kasi medyo tight. Like what other forumers here said, magka-iba naman talaga sila ng class.

    For me, you can go bare naman sa Sentra pero madami naman aftermarket na accessories or go with the Vios which is much lesser price.

    AFAIK, the GX M/T is in the range of 600k while the Vios E is * 550k.

    Yeah, better test drive the two before really deciding, para you can get the feel.....
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    Aug 2004
    Mahirap talaga i-compare.

    Like MazdaMazda said... the older Sentra 1.3 FE (which is carburated, by the way, M2) is a very slow car (acceleration-wise... it can still hit 175-180 km/h++) and the current 1.3 GX is much heavier, so despite the higher power of the new EFI 1.3 (QG13DE ba?), it's slower still.

    It'll drink badly in traffic because of the weight of the car and because of the strong airconditioner... actually, the airconditioner increases fuel consumption drastically on any Sentra. Still, it's possible to get 8-10 in traffic if you can put up with slow acceleration and "econo-run" style driving.

    BUT: The Vios is nowhere near as big as the Sentra. No elbow room, almost zero headroom and a small trunk. Compared to the GX, it'll feel like a sardine can.

    For me? If you're driving solo all the time, go ahead, get the Vios. But if you're carrying lots of people, the Sentra is more useful.

    Ang pagbalik ng comeback...

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    Mar 2005
    Sentra GX, I test drove it last year when I was shopping. Acceleration is very bad. It's not the car you'd take to baguio.

    The "all power" GX actually doesn't have electric side mirrors. No joystick adjuster either. Unacceptable...

    Shoulder room isn't that great either, it's just 1cm wider than a Honda City.

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Sentra GX 1.3 m/t vs. Vios 1.3 m/t