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    Oct 2002
    How old is the camry?

    new altis pros - no worries as to dependability.
    cons - casa maintenance cost, high insurance premiums.

    old camry pros - maintenance outside casa, lower insurance premium, better ride.
    cons - well it will depend how old and how abused the car is.

    600k vs 935k? I'll use the 335k difference for maintenance and gas.
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    Mar 2008
    Quote Originally Posted by jasonub View Post
    6km per liter city
    iks.. wigo na lang.. mas mura pa sa "slightly" used camry..

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    Mar 2004
    Do take note of the melting dashboard of some Camry models.

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    Aug 2014
    could you give me some details on the FC of the new altis, both the CVT and the M/T?

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    Jul 2012
    Depende sa condition nung Camry. Anung year model ba at ilan na ang mileage?

    Depende din sa gamit nung sasakyan. Kulang po yung details.

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    May 2010
    Aling camry ba? Pwede ba maging specific ka brad para makatulong kami at di masayang oras namin magtanong pa ulit sayo.

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    Apr 2008
    Ano year model ng Camry bro? Kung itong dalawa lang ang ipagpipilian, I'd go for the Camry kung 101% confirmed not flooded, low mileage pa naman at hindi ganon katanda. Midsize sedans are surprisingly sturdy. As long as it was maintained properly and driven with care, I do not expect to be replacing costly suspension and engine parts anytime soon. Our 2004 Accord V6 has had nothing but consumables replaced until it was sold early this year at 71+tkms. Our 2005 Accord 2.4 is still here and approaching 90tkms already. Same case. Very dependable car, excellent for the daily commute as long as you can look past the fuel consumption. 300+k is not a small amount of money. Assuming that you spend 5k/month on gas, that's 60k/year. 300k would be 5 years worth of gas.

    And then again, if I were in this dilemma. I'd go for a high ride height diesel instead.
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    Jun 2014
    no brainer. brand new.

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    May 2006
    It just seems as a no brainer, but if you check the arguments posted here by some pro camrys, like the outside casa maintenance and savings of 300k...its not dudes..pag naka tsamba ka ng bihira gamitin at well maintained na auto parang bago na rin yan..just dont get an older than 3 years car..o
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    Jul 2008
    Reviving this thread, always wanted a camry particularly the 2007/2010 variant. I cant afford a new one and even if i do i wont get approved by the "boss" anyway. Admittedly my reasons of wanting one is primal and that i like how it looks and prior to forking out for a new sedan i was offered an good deal on a 2008 camry. Just want to ask what are the issues so far did this particular model encountered? Would it be a headache to maintain? Parts wise? Appreciate the inputs from everyone.

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Second Hand Camry or Brand New Altis?