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    Oct 2006
    which of those 4wd's is "bang for the buck"

    my kuya told me to buy a car... preferably a 4wd....he's from dubai and he will be back here in manila by november! He wanted to have a 4wd by the time he arrives here....

    Our budget is 500-600k

    i prefer
    1. okay sa offroad
    2. di masyadong sirain
    3. mura ang presyo ng parts at madaling makahanap ng parts pag nasira
    4. di malakas sa gas compared to expedition
    5. kahit wala masyadong visual appeal basta okay ang performance at reliability(pero kung pareho mas maganda)

    questions that keeps bugging my mind
    1. pangit ba talaga ang converted..... ano ang cons nito??
    2. talaga bang sirain ang pajero..oh yung pajero lang na mahina makina 2.5L

    TY my fellow Tsikoters.......

    "Don't marry the person you think you can live with; marry only the individual you think you can't live without."

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    Oct 2003
    For me, between Patrol, LC, Trooper, Pajero, I'd go with:

    1. Toyota Land Cruiser
    2. Nissan Patrol
    3. Mitsubishi Pajero
    4. Isuzu Trooper

    But of course all vehicles have their pros and cons. It's a matter of choosing the right vehicle for your requirements and specs. Moreover, all four vehicles are exceptionally capable 4x4s on and off road.
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    Aug 2006
    check the isusu trooper 93 ful convert to 2005!!! this look venice for me!!!

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    Mar 2005
    get the safari para karespe-respeto

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    Oct 2004
    just stay away from the bighorn and any other converted vehicles ... the patrol safari is a good choice sa pajero naman get the 2.8l version pero i think for your budget mahihirapan kang humanap ng gusto mong 4wd

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    Oct 2006
    san ko makikita yung 93 converted to 2005?? sorry im just a newbie in terms of cars!!!

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    Oct 2006
    ano po ba ang problema ng mga converted cars??

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    wala naman prob sa converted, just check throughly ang conversion kung tama..pano mo malalaman:

    check and take pictures ng original LHD,specifically ung steering part..., then compare mo sa converted na gusto mo..pag 99% pareho, ok yan.1%dashboard and 4wd shifter position nalang yun malamang...

    ako driving a converted 4wd van fo 6 years probs...

    DELICA SPACEGEAR 4WD ka nalang... its a pajeroand L4-spacegear rolled into 1.. good 4wd capabilities(pajero drive train!) with the practicality and space of a minivan!

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    Oct 2002
    you can't get a nissan patrol with that budget.

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    japan converted, pero for me ha, too bare ang japan surplus safari..masmaganda pa ung dito sa atin.. wala lang sa local natin is: turbo!

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