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    Oct 2012
    Hello tsikoteers!
    Gusto ko sanang bumuo ng 4x4 pang off-road, daily, at pang-baha na din!

    in the near future pa naman, pero
    I have 2 cheap options:
    Pajero 3 doors (2.8) , Pajero J-top(v6), or fieldmaster (any!) or
    my '95 Trooper 3 Doors (3.1)

    Both have turbos
    both have selective 4x4
    both are pretty good as daily driver

    Plano ko:
    Both 3-4" Lift + offroad wheels and AT tires (since pang daily din)
    Both will be installed with splash guards, fog lamps, and steel bumpers

    Kapag Pajero, Pajero Evo body kit (kahit sa J-top malupit tignan ang evo body kit)
    Kapag trooper, Papa-laparan ko lang ng konti yung fender flares para flush sya sa ikakabit kong wheels and tires

    ano tingin nyo guys? alin mas okay pang off-road, baha, at daily??

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    Apr 2010
    dunno if pwede ito, but you can try visiting para may idea ka

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    Oct 2002
    Not sure which trooper engine is problematic.

    Go for the pajero na.

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    Sep 2007
    Any will do kasi ang 3 door Trooper naman eh 4JG2 ang engine. Kung Pajero na 2.8, ok lang din. Pero dahil Pajero owner ako, sa Pajero ako

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    Apr 2008
    Both are good naman. Power output of the two are similar if I am not mistaken, which is to say a bit down on power. Best to get one with a manual tranny especially since you'll be going off road with it. I'd slap in alcohol injection and K&N too. The 3 door Bighorn is significantly longer, so you have more cargo space if you are seating 5 people. The Pajero can be made to look more modern with the Fieldmaster's multireflector headlights and bulging fenders. Its really up to your personal preference. Of course you must also make sure that the car has proper documents and a high quality conversion.

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    Jan 2016
    Ill choose the Pajero over a Trooper... parts availability is much better with mitsubishi

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    Dec 2002
    Kamusta na kaya yung project ni TS.

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